Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sample Sale Report Tibi

About 7 racks of merch set up at the back of the store:
Tops $50
Dresses $100
Long Dresses $125
Jackets $95
Coats 150
Pants $50
Sweaters $75
As If $25 (I didn't see any As If merch)

A good selection of merch from the Fall 2008 Collection (really a stock sale), but most silhouettes were a bit boxy, conservative and a little older for me. Very Retro 70's vibe. I always try to buy the really signature pieces, but the items in the prints that I loved were Maxi Dresses that were way too long for my 5'3" frame (I would definitely have to hem them, but at this price I shouldn't have to alter at all). Maybe some of the clothing I anticipate wearing more in 5 years? Pricing was reasonable, esp on the Jackets and Coats.

Who: Tibi
What: Up to 85% off colorful dresses, skirts, tops and more
When: January 17-19 Sat 10am—7pm, Sun noon—6pm, Mon 11am—7pm.
Where: 120 Wooster St between Prince and Spring Sts (212-226-5852)

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