Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sample Sale Report: Rachel Comey

At the Rachel Comey sale, I found myself amongst the gleeful shoppers, scouring the sample shoes for a good deal. 98% of the sale is for women, but 2% of the sale consists of a few mens shoes which are priced to go at $50 a pop. Most of these shoes were casual lace up oxfords or variations of such and they ranged from sizes 8 1/2 to 11. There aren't very many left, so if you hope to snag a pair, you should hurry.
There was a small selection of swimwear priced at $50 for a separates and $150 for one pieces.
As for stock of womenswear, there were several racks full of pretty clothing from the recent Spring 2014 collection.  Sweet eyelet skirts were $316, shorts hovered around $160 and a denim rack that ranged in price from $50 to $350.
Stock shoes were plentiful and in all sizes in neatly organized row upon row. They were priced at 50% off and I saw some for as low as $150 for short black simple ankle booties but most hovered around $170 to $250. For the real deals in clothing and shoes make sure that you check out the merchandise from previous seasons. Everything here is up to 80% or more accurately $100 a piece or $250 for 3.

The same rules apply for shoes and. Each additional item whether it be clothing or shoes above 3 is $75. Signs clearly state that you can mix and match your selections of clothing with shoes.

With the older merchandise, it is less organized, shoes are paired together an placed on the floor in taped off sections by size range. Sizes 6-6.5 and sizes 10-10.5 had the largest selections since they are sample sizes. Be warned though, some of the sizes which are true samples are not marked at all with any branding or shoe size, so you have to try them on to figure out if the shoe fits. There were so many cute shoes and boots that I had a tough time deciding what to get as did most shoppers. There was a group of women working together over a big pile of shoes so I had to be patient while they made their decisions but I ultimately found some awesome finds!
What: Up to 50% off on current Spring 2014 collection and up to 80% off past seasons inventory. Booties, flat sandals, clogs, loafers, and oxfords $100 per pair, or 3 pairs for $250. Current season styles from $200 to $315. Ceville dress $355 (retail $713). Gem top $155 (retail $310). The mens shoe selection is limited. Dresses, pants and sweaters from past seasons for $25 to $100.
When: July 10-12, 2014. Thurs 10am-8pm, Fri-Sat 10am-6pm
Where: St. Patricks Youth Center Gym, 268 Mulberry Street (at Jersey Street)

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