Friday, July 11, 2014

Sample Sale Report: Coclico

The Coclico sample sale in Noho is in a small but well lit showroom. They have plenty of buttery soft leather shoes ranging from size 35 to 41, but if you are a size 35 there are only about 3 pairs of shoes left. A staffer said that when someone with small feet find their size, they tend to buy multiple pairs. From personal experience, this is 100% true.  The shoes are displayed on the shelves and their are boxes with various sizes below each shoe section. Prices start at $100 and a bright colored sticker on the box gives you insight into the price.

Orange $100
Light Blue $130
Dark Blue $150
Green $170
Red $200
Yellow $230

For most part it seems like sandals are priced in the lower price categories, booties at $150 to $200 and tall boots for $230. The sale is cash only, so make sure you have some if you're planning on buying.
What: Up to 80% off women's shoes. Cash only.
When:July 10-11, 2014. Thurs-Fri 10am-6pm
Where: 670 Broadway (b/n Great Jones and Bond St), #502

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