Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Sample Sale Report: Alice + Olivia 2013

2013-12-09 19.31.58I stopped by the Alice + Olivia sample sale last night during the VIP/Gilt City preview. If last night was any indication, this sale is going to be a popular one for women hoping to score that perfect Holiday outfit. I had to wait about 10 minutes to get inside the sale. As with all 260 Sample Sales there is mandatory coat and bag check.

As I shopped the sale, price lists were clearly posted above in multiple locations and priced by item type. Everything was neatly hung on rack upon rack of merchandise although the lines winding around the sale from the communal fitting room made it a little difficult to walk through the smaller size sections in particular. Sizes ranged from 0/XS to 10/12/Large. The largest assortment of merchandise could be found in sizes Small 2/4 and Medium 6/8. Large sizes had the smallest selection with only 6 racks.
2013-12-09 19.16.352013-12-09 19.16.392013-12-09 19.16.442013-12-09 19.17.092013-12-09 19.17.172013-12-09 19.17.25
The section of the sale that was by far the most popular was the sample section with most prices around $49, coats and leather for $99 and prices topping out at $119 for a sample gown. Sample sizes weren't listed but appeared to be a 2/4 for most part.
2013-12-09 19.17.402013-12-09 19.18.312013-12-09 19.19.02
Sample coats were just $99, sample jackets $49!
2013-12-09 19.19.192013-12-09 19.19.382013-12-09 19.19.542013-12-09 19.20.152013-12-09 19.20.332013-12-09 19.20.54
Sample dresses $59, sample embellished dresses $99, sample gowns $119, sample leather was $99 and included some glitzy leather pants.
2013-12-09 19.21.172013-12-09 19.21.402013-12-09 19.21.54
Sample skirts came in a plethora of fun fabrics and were priced at $49, as were rompers, jumpers, capris, leggings, shorts, vests, blouses and knit tops. In this section, legwarmers were the cheapest item at $15 but I didn't see any in my browsing.
2013-12-09 19.23.392013-12-09 19.22.162013-12-09 19.22.52-1
As for accessories there was only a small selection with bags at $49 and often of a glitzy tote style, gloves were $39 (including cashmere blend), hats $59 and scarves $59.
2013-12-09 19.28.532013-12-09 19.24.412013-12-09 19.24.58
The majority of the sale consisted of stock.  Glittering sequins dresses, studs, bold jackets, plush fur trim coats and pants metallic interest dominated the selection.

For RTW prices were as follows:
Dresses $129
Embellished/party/leather dress $199
Gowns $299
Jumpsuits/rompers $139
Novelty Tops/sweaters/novelty skirts or novelty shorts $99
Tops/Skirts/Shorts $79
Pants $69
Leather pants/leggings $249
Jackets $149
Embellished/embroidered jackets $169
coats $299
outerwear leather/fur/suede $299
2013-12-09 19.25.102013-12-09 19.25.362013-12-09 19.25.462013-12-09 19.25.542013-12-09 19.26.222013-12-09 19.26.442013-12-09 19.26.512013-12-09 19.26.572013-12-09 19.27.162013-12-09 19.27.352013-12-09 19.28.012013-12-09 19.28.13
The sale is definitely worth stopping by if you are in need of a party dress or a statement jacket or a sample size.

Who: ALICE + OLIVIA Sample Sale
What: Up to 70 percent off Fall/Winter collections including clothing, shoes and accessories. Breezy summer dresses, party dresses, tops, skirts, denim and more.
When: December 10-15, 2013. Tues 9am-8pm, Wed 9am-7pm, Thurs 10am-8pm, Fri 9am-7pm, Sat 10am-7pm, Sun 10am-3pm
Where: 260 Fifth Avenue (b/n 28th & 29th Streets)


Keiko said...

i think i saw you yesterday snapping pics! dityae 19

Erin said...

Hi Keiko, I am sure you did! I was there around 7:15-7:35pm :-) Say hello next time!

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