Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday Window Displays: Bergdorf Goodman

2013-11-30 19.33.562013-11-30 19.34.18
With the snowfall this past weekend, it finally feels like the it is December and the Holiday season is upon us. I've always loved looking at window displays but something about Christmas window displays has always been especially magical for me. I guess it's when retail uses the most creativity, imagination and glamor to bring to life something more than just clothes, but tells a story. The Holiday windows I have loved best in New York City, have been at Bergdorf Goodman.

Until recently, checking out the Holiday windows has been a personal pleasure that I enjoyed on my own, or with the occasional friend but for the past three years, I've gotten to share it with my husband. Perhaps that has added to the fondness in my heart for this simple pleasure. We first came on one of our early dates by chance, then again on the following year as the location of his proposal and again this year as a marker of five months of married life. For us, this has been part of building our own traditions, as we hiked into the city again to take it all in.  We found ourselves enjoying this year's theme of "Holidays on Ice".

Holidays from Valentine's Day, Arbor Day, Labor Day, Halloween, The Fourth of July, Columbus Day, New Year's Eve were all impressively "frozen" into captivating scenes dripping with icicles.  Here are some pictures for you to enjoy! If you have a chance, you should check it out in person, and warm up at the food court under the Plaza hotel for some gourmet treats!
2013-11-30 19.35.242013-11-30 19.36.37

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cousin mgk said...

wowee! lovely and magical! hope you're staying warm. Toronto is a Canadian stereotype right now -- i shovelled my parents' driveway 5x (!) from Saturday afternoon until Sunday morning! hopefully there'll be more white stuff when you're in town and we can do our annual suicide run on my toboggan!

Erin said...

Omy Toronto sounds intense right now. There was some weekend snow and snow yesterday but it has melted away for most part already. Snow doesn't seem to stick around here for very long. A toboggan ride sounds perfect! Let's slide!

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