Friday, November 22, 2013

Sample Sale Report: Suno

Last night I stopped the Suno Sample Sale the after work crowd was quiet and respectful as they navigated the racks ans there was room to move. Racks crept their way around half the room, there were a few bins for tees and swimwear, a table for shoes by Loeffler Randall with boxes of shoes below and a couple boxes of sweater knits.

Prices were good and cheaper than previous sample sales. There was an assortment of merchandise from over the last few years, evident by the plethora of pattern and color of the fabrics from Kenya and India.

The sale topped out at $175 for outerwear, $150 for Loeffler Randall platform sandals, $125 for silk dresses, $100 for jackets and cotton dresses. Everything else was priced below.

Sizes for shoes in the Loeffler Randall platforms with wooden wedge heels ran from 6-10, however the 6 ran small and I found I could fit it on my size 5 foot. There were a just a couple pairs of sneakers in the showroom that ran for $40 a pop but despite saying size 5, felt more like a 6 or 7.

Tops are $75, skirts/pants $65, shorts, swim and scarves are $50, gold jewelry and hats $40 and finally tees for $35. Sizes ranged for most part between XS-L but I noticed more Smalls than any other size. For number sizes I noticed something as tiny as a 0.

Swimwear included predominantly one-piece bathing suits as far as I could tell in signature Suno prints. They didn't have any soft cups inserted but one of the styles had nice ruching over the bodice.

If you are a Suno fan or like lively colors that will make a statement, the sale is worth stopping by. One of my favorite pieces were these yellow silk pants that had me wishing I was just a little bit taller. Guess that is what those Loeffler Randall wedges are for.

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