Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sample Sale Report: Portolano

I stopped by the Portolano sample sale tonight in the last five minutes of the sale. At the sale they are strict about checking all bags and coats in addition to keeping the closing time of the sale accurate. Prices are unchanged from when I stopped by this sale a couple of years ago.

Short leather gloves lines in cashmere are still $42. Cashmere gloves in a plethora of colors are $20 a pair. Designer gloves from the likes of Moschino are $60 a pair. Longer length gloves are $60-78. Cashmere scarves are plentiful in a rainbow of colors and range wildly in price from $99-278.

There is a small selection of kids accessories and I believe the gloves were about $30.

There were some leather wallets and accessories for as low as $15 for key fobs.

As a reader commented prices aren't really better than what you will find on Gilt Groupe or TJ Maxx but you get a greater selection to choose from. Plus if you looking for a quick gift $20 cashmere gloves in one size fits all can fill the void.

Who: Portolano Sample Sale
What: Luxe Italian leather gloves, their gloves are available with both silk and cashmere lining in basic and fancy designs. Pashmina shawls from Nepal, handbags, small leather goods, handmade Italian silk ties, cashmere sweaters, plush shawls and coordinating hat, glove and scarf sets.
When: November 11-22, 2013. Mon-Fri 10am-6pm
Where: 15 West 37 Street (b/n 5th & 6th Avenues) 2nd Floor, 212.719.4403

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