Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sample Sale Report: Laura Mercier

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After work I stopped by the Laura Mercier sample sale excited to stock up on some high quality cosmetics by the superstar make-up artist that is a favorite amongst celebrities. When I arrived on scene I was relieved that the line did not extend outdoors. Mandatory back and coat check were in place and there was a selection of clothing from various brands available at the sale including James Jeans, La FeeVerte, Muuba and Manrico Cashmere.

While there were only a handful of shoppers looking to shop the clothes, the cosmetics were where the line formed and I walked in at about 6:15pm to a line of 15-20 women ahead of me. As to prevent mass chaos, Clothingline had set up 6 identical tables where 3 women can shop at a time. Each table was manned by 2 staffers and everyone was very friendly. While I was hopeful that there would be tinted moisturizer, that was absent but there was a tinted moisturizer compact for just $20 a pop - there was a good selection of colors from what I could tell. Moisture Supreme Foundation was also $20 a pop but there were only about 8 colors to choose from.

For eyes there were items like the baked eye colour, caviar stick eye colour, eye brow pencil,
kohl eye pencil, tightline cake eye liner, long lash mascara, faux lash mascara for between $10 a pop. Illuminating eyecolor was $12. While none of the eyeshadows spoke to me, I snagged a couple of caviar eye color sticks and a brow pencil.

For lips there was the creme smooth lip colour & lip glace for $12 but the colors tended to be more frosty and sheer than what I was looking for. Frosty sheer orange, pinks and nudes were the most of the selection. There was even a frosty sheer white.

There was body bronzing make up for $9 but I didn't notice it. While nail lacquer was just $8 a pop,
all $8 but most of the colors were very classic.

Staffers were on hand with cotton balls, q-tips and wet wipes. As you request items, they drop it in a plastic bag that they seal with a twist tie that you can ring up at the cash in the front. With almost no waiting after the initial line, I was able to pop in and out in about 25 minutes.

While I was a little disappointed that they didn't have the regular tinted moisturizer, secret concealer, primer or any powders I can't complain about my haul.
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As for the clothes prices are as follows:
James Jeans: $60 for Cords, velveteen, coated and color denim. $70 for basic denim. $80 for coated jackets.

La Fee Verte: Blouses & sweaters $40, leather tops $125, dresses $75, skirts $40, blazers $100, leather pants $95, outerwear $225, leather $250, fur $300.

Manrico Cashmere: Items that retail up to $600 are now $150, items that retail over $600 are now $200.

Muubaa: tops/skirts $99, woven leather or pants/vests $129, dresses $149, jackets $179, leather with fur $249

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Who: Laura Mercier Sample Sale
What: Up to 55% off on beauty products from the celeb fave make-up artist at her first ever sample sale. I personally love her tinted moisturizer! Snag moisturizer, mascara, nail lacquer, eye pencil, lip gloss, brow pencils, and more.
When: October 22-24, 2013. Tues-Thurs 11am-7pm
Where: Clothingline, 261 West 36 St (b/n 7th & 8th Ave), 2nd Floor

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Inga said...

Wish I copuld have been there to get up to 55% off on beauty products from the celeb. I too love her tinted moisturizer!

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