Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sample Sale Report: Hudson Jeans

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Last night I also stopped by the first ever Hudson Jeans sample sale. I for one was very excited because in addition to a snug fit that is super comfortable, Hudson specializes in a variety of unique finishes that makes a pair really special. Unlike competitors, their finishes are never crusty but superior in softness and wearability.

2013-09-25 18.39.382013-09-25 18.39.482013-09-25 18.39.56
Jeans started at just $50 a pair for women for metallic deco printed styles, dye blasted, striped and snake print. For $60 a pair you could pick up a black back, white front 50/50 color block pair like I did. Or they also had white shorts, ultralight linen jeans in pink and medium blue jeans. For $65 you enter the world of coated and there is a pearlescent blue pair that I already own and love as well as a copper style, shiny style in both turquoise and purple blue. 
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For $75 there is a black and white rose print with tuxedo stripe, coated pair with tuxedo stripe, coated sweat pants to name a few. At $100 there are some with elasticized waistbands, detailed back pockets and embroidery up the side of the leg. If you went up to $125 you get the special pairs with zippered accents or leather panels. Sizes were available from 24 to 32 in just about every section although not every style was available in every size.

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Other than jeans there was a small selection of outerwear for $125 and tanks for $40 but the shoppers had very little interest in shopping this selection as they focused their energy on the jeans at hand.
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Prices started at $25-40 for men's tees and $75 for a denim jacket. As for jeans, men's sizes went from 28-36.
2013-09-25 18.09.522013-09-25 18.22.242013-09-25 18.24.03
For men jeans started at $60 a pair for paler blue washes, grey washes, chocolate cords ans tan jeans. They went to $75 a pair for darker washes, special coated finishes and studded jeans. At $100 there was a special limited edition jean that was pretty cool. There were only 200 of these styles made across all sizes with each pair hand numbered like a piece of art. 

The sale is super organized with a middle section of racks that are marked sample rack that give you a rundown of what is in the bins. Each cluster of tables is separated by price has buckets marked by size to dig through. Fortunately despite looking in bins staffers kept denim impeccably folded and looking through was not painful at all. There are fitting rooms for both men and women with mirrors that you may have to wait to get in front of. As per usual at 260 sample sales, there is mandatory coat and bag check at the front.

Who: Hudson Jeans 
What: Up to 70% off men's and women's denim.
When: Sept 25-29, 2013. Wed—Fri 10am-7pm, Sat 11am-7pm, Sun 11am-4pm. 
Where: 260 5th Ave (b/n 28th and 29th St) 212-725-5400

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