Tuesday, September 24, 2013

InStyle Essentials TrioFit Shirt + Giveaway

We live in the world of standardized sizing. A world where Small, Medium and Large has become the norm. But women's bodies don't come in just on size, shape or form. Do you ever find yourself annoyed at something that is supposed to be a wardrobe staple? I know countless women who struggle with the white button down with no avail. Shirts will be either too snug across the chest or too loose everywhere else. So to address these issues that women face, InStyle magazine has partnered with the  designers and TrioFit co-founders Rebecca Matchett and Drew Palub to launch a line of shirts that actually take into account a woman's bust size and band size. Genius right?

I personally think that it's awesome and have had the opportunity to test drive the bow blouse which is super chic and ever so office friendly (full disclosure: I received a free shirt to try out).  My husband actually told me he thought that I looked super cute in it. Anyways check out more on TrioFit below and for contest details below.
The shirts are available in an incredible size range. 30 to be exact, ranging from 32B – 40H in classic button-front, weekend tunic, and the bow blouse. I had a chance to sit down with Rebecca and Lisa Arbetter of InStyle Magazine and discuss the new line of shirts that just debuted in InStyle Magazine's September issue. This weekend they set up a temporary pop-up trailer in the Meatpacking district.

SRC: How did you come up with the concept for the Trio-Fit method? Was it something you personally struggled with?
Rebecca Matchett: It was something that I heard a lot of women around me complain about so we sat down and tried to come up with a method that would be the easiest for the average woman to understand. That is when we came up with using the bra size as the point of difference. We kept it to three of the most basic styles so that women could understand the differences with fit and get used to the concept of sizing without thinking too much about the styling.

SRC: Has it been a challenge to create such a variety of sizes?
RM: We had to work very closely with our overseas factories. The tolerances for each style had to be extremely low because the difference between sizes is so minimal.

SRC: How did the partnership with InStyle Magazine come about?
Lisa Arbetter: InStyle Essentials was inspired by our readers. Being in the magazine world we hear a lot about what real women struggle with and we were compelled to find a solution—one that reached beyond our magazine and website. It was a natural partnership. A lot of women actually think that they have a problem with their body but we want to tell them that it's not their body it's the clothes.

SRC: That is such a refreshing statement that I think women need to hear more often. How has the reaction from women been?
LA: It's been great! Women have been so receptive.
RM:  The reaction I've been hearing is "Finally! A shirt that fits!"

Is there a plan to introduce more styles eventually?
RM: Yes, for Holiday we have a tuxedo shirt planned and we have plans to roll out dresses in the future.

Contest details:
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The winner will be announced September 30, 2013. The giveaway is open to residents of the US or those with a US mailing address only. Good luck!

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