Monday, September 23, 2013

Sample Sale Report: Botkier September 2013

The Botkier Sample Sale is one that I make sure I never miss. You've probably heard me express in the past how much I love the supple leathers and lightweight well designed bags. The designs have shifted over the years from slouchy downtown girl to slick structured bags that have a more lady-like character but I am still an avid fan.
The sale is super organized with many staffers eager to offer their assistance. It was busy without being unmanageable and there was no line when I stopped by after work last night.
The sale tops out at $275 for the larger Legacy samples and at $250 the larger Rock Deco Samples and large Valentina Sample join it. But prices are as low as just $50 for the Valentina hipster and a reasonable $95 for the shoulder! Unfortunately a lot of the smaller size bags are already wiped out and staffers are uncertain whether or not they are restocking.

As for the Valentina satchel I only spotted two left at the sale. One on the sample table in a beautiful jade color that I was contemplating picking up at $133 and another in vibrant blue tucked under the arm of another shopper at $125.

There was a large section of Ryder and Honore styles in the $225 category as well as a few Legacy sample styles that are reminiscent of the bag that started it all - The Trigger, which was also at the same for $195. The Empire Satchel and Key Satchel joined it in the $195 category. For $150 you will find smaller crossbody Honore and Key in addition to photo print Horizon and archive leather totes. For $125 a glitzy woven metallic totes were plentiful but they were not my thing.

As for samples I love looking here because many styles are just one or two of a kind. There is usually unique colors that make a style special. Prices varied between $100-200 from style to style and were clearly indicated by a bright green tag. Fingers crossed that they will be restocking since the sale lasts til Sunday!
Who: Botkier
What: Up to 75% off leather handbags from current and past seasons, as well as classic styles and exclusives.
When: Sept 25-28, 2013. Wed-Sat 10am-7pm.
Where: 225 5th Ave (b/n 26th and 27th St) 212-725-5400

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Faith J. said...

Fantastic! Wish I lived in NYC.

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