Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sample Sale Report: BaubleBar

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I stopped by the BaubleBar sample sale on my way home last night. It's held at the site of the Pop-Up shop in Soho that has occupied the space for the last couple months. It's interesting to see how it's been stripped from the former set-up to make for a sample sale environment. Like most accessory sample sales there is mandatory bag check at the door. Once inside you're free to maneuver through the bins and necklace racks to find your hearts desire. Prices start for as low as 2 items for $10 for earrings that were mostly studs with colorful enamel.
2013-08-13 18.33.492013-08-13 18.34.132013-08-13 18.34.35
After that prices start at $10 for a multitude of bracelet styles that you have to dig for including friendship styles and pastel studs elastic. You could also snag rings for $10 that were in an arrow wrap around style in pewter or bronze.

2013-08-13 18.34.562013-08-13 18.35.032013-08-13 18.35.12
For $12 your options improve and you can add to your collection a plethora of bangles that would help make for one heck of an arm party.
2013-08-13 18.35.192013-08-13 18.35.512013-08-13 18.35.58
The $15 category held by far the largest selection of necklaces including ones that had a Gatsby feel on neon cord, enamel flowers, dangly / statement earrings, bold bangles, bubble bead bib necklaces, large rhinestone necklaces, enamel graphic statement necklaces and collar necklaces
2013-08-13 18.36.042013-08-13 18.36.172013-08-13 18.36.272013-08-13 18.36.522013-08-13 18.36.572013-08-13 18.37.022013-08-13 18.37.082013-08-13 18.37.502013-08-13 18.37.542013-08-13 18.38.052013-08-13 18.38.142013-08-13 18.38.272013-08-13 18.38.312013-08-13 18.38.512013-08-13 18.39.032013-08-13 18.39.062013-08-13 18.39.112013-08-13 18.39.27
More $15 necklaces above.
2013-08-13 18.40.572013-08-13 18.41.272013-08-13 18.41.44
In the $20 category there was still a good selection and this is where the necklaces I tended to prefer were. A little more ornate in design, mixed materials, more rhinestone, subtle color transitions in stones. Plenty of pastel options are here.
2013-08-13 18.41.522013-08-13 18.41.592013-08-13 18.42.042013-08-13 18.42.152013-08-13 18.42.222013-08-13 18.40.492013-08-13 18.42.492013-08-13 18.42.532013-08-13 18.43.02
Finally, the sale tops out at $25 and these include designs by guest designer Paige Novick.  Delicate rhinestoned triangles are in the form of rings, necklaces and bangles.
2013-08-13 18.43.112013-08-13 18.43.172013-08-13 18.43.23
These necklaces are the most dimensional and offer the most texture / layered designs with different stone sizes and chain sizes in the same piece.
2013-08-13 18.43.412013-08-13 22.37.012013-08-13 22.37.27
I ended up snagging a rhinestone collar necklace for $25 and a bubble bead bib for $15. While there are plenty of baubles still up for grabs, buyer beware because all sales are final and some necklaces are missing a rhinestone or two.

Who: BaubleBar End of Summer Sample Sale
What: BaubleBar is cleaning out their studio with statement jewelry at a deep discount. RSVP at http://bbsohosale.eventbrite.com/
When: August 12-14, 2013. Mon-Wed 10am-8pm
Where: 131 Greene St (b/n Prince & Houston)

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