Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sample Sale Report: Eugenia Kim

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The city is absolutely sizzling so when the time came for me to make the trek to Ninth Avenue I wasn't sure I was going to make it with the 90 degree heat. Call me a wimp but after traveling to the Pacific North West the other week, I wasn't ready for the summer heat.  Fortunately it was worth it and I scored some fun hats galore at the Eugenia Kim sample sale.  The sale was bustling with the after work crowd and there are only 2 mirrors but staffers are super friendly and willing to help.
2013-07-16 18.26.072013-07-16 18.26.132013-07-16 18.26.29
The room itself is surrounded by white shelving with pretty decked out hats that range in price from $15 to glitzy headbands and current season goods that are $225. Tables are laden with straw hats that have intricate raffia and beaded creatures like lobsters, parrots for $175. The Genie by Eugenia Kim line offered lower prices with simpler silhouettes and detailing.

Under the tables you'll find the bins which hold bargains galore ranging from free, (yes really free!), to $45. There were plenty of $5 hats - mostly winter styles, some with small defects like a missing pom pom or a split lining.  There were also quite a number of $10 options especially if you are looking for a straw hat without the bells and whistles. Here you can find the base hats that don't have silk scarves or adornments for just $10-25! I scored some $10 goodies here that I plan on making future DIY projects with.
2013-07-16 18.26.522013-07-16 18.27.30
One of my absolute favorite fun pieces was this absolutely adorable cat ear hat but unfortunately for me it was out of budget at about $235. These will definitely make a statement!
2013-07-16 18.27.482013-07-16 18.27.57
Some the knitted hats ranged from $20 to $75 and had lots of glitter yarns and sequins to keep things pretty.
2013-07-16 18.29.182013-07-16 18.32.49
Silk scarves that wrap around the head in a luxe do-rag manner were $35-55. Here is a look at the free bin. Many of the hats were tattered, missing buckles or just too small for my head, but they were free. I heard that they may be replenishing this throughout the sale but it looked pretty picked over.
2013-07-16 18.37.292013-07-16 18.37.34

Since I couldn't get that sweet cat ear hat I found solace in getting mouse ear pom pom headbands that are reminiscent of Minnie mouse for just $20 a pop. They had black, cream and fuschia. I opted for black so it would blend in with my hair for a subtler look.2013-07-16 18.37.582013-07-16 18.48.22
These slick straw hats with military appeal were priced at $85.
2013-07-16 18.48.052013-07-16 18.48.25
There were also some awesome mens hats that ranged in price from $45 to $95. I ended up finding a Mr. Kim hat for just $15 that I took home with me.

Overall if you're looking for some easy way to add swagger to your outfit stop on by for some fedoras galore. If you're looking for a Pretty Woman floppy hat, you'll find it here too. If you've always wanted cat ears or mouse ears, this is also your sale. So basically if you're looking to up your head wear wardrobe there is definitely some fun options at a wide price range. They even gave me a coupon that might entice me back for an additional 15% my Thursday/Friday purchases if I return. Oh how I've missed sample sales.

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