Thursday, June 20, 2013

Sample Sale Report: Lee Angel

2013-06-20 18.28.58
If I seem a little M.I.A. lately I have been. It's just 9 days until I get married so I've been filling my time with anything but sample sales and crafting up a DIY storm in my spare time. However as history has taught me some sample sales are too good to be missed and I stopped by the Lee Angel Sample Sale in Soho last night to find great prices on the signature collection in addition to bargain basement pricing on a plethora of other accessories. Winning!
2013-06-20 18.29.09-12013-06-20 18.29.13
The Lee Angel signature collection which usually tops $150 per piece was at the best price that I can remember seeing it with necklaces for $20, Bracelets for $15 and Earrings for $10. At a sale when nothing tops $20, you can afford to get carried away.
2013-06-20 18.29.172013-06-20 18.29.24
The Lee Angel collections featured had a black heavy group, a multi color ethnic group, a frosted silver heavy group, a glittering gold group and a pearl group.
2013-06-20 18.30.202013-06-20 18.30.22
As for everything else at the sale? The world is your oyster with most everything from necklaces, earrings and bracelets at just $5 a pop.
2013-06-20 18.27.462013-06-20 18.28.37
Statement bib necklaces in smoked crystal beads, faux pearl baubles and chain link items that are made for the likes of "Loft", "J.Crew" and "Gap" are now just $5 each. Most items are not marked but in the rare case that you find a tagged item, they snip the tag before purchase.2013-06-20 18.32.38
If  $5 a pop is too steep, they have even cheaper offerings available with items from American Eagle at 2 for $5! Seriously it doesn't get much better than this. I ended up buying some fun baubles to use for my wedding's photobooth that had a "Great Gatsby" feel, including glittery headband and a feather necklace here.

Who: Lee Angel Sample Sale
What: Save up to 70% off. $5 Bins with bangles, earrings necklaces from J. Crew and many other brands.
When: June 19-21, 2013. Wed-Thurs 11am-7pm Fri 10am-5pm
Where: 524 Broadway (nr Spring Street) 6th Floor

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