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Sample Sale Report: Cosabella April 2013

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I went to the Cosabella sample sale early afternoon today and the scene was busy but still civil. There was a modest line of a 10 or so ladies eager to get into the discount and happily exclaiming about the great prices when they saw the price list posted on the entry way while we waited to get in. Apparently quality of Cosabella is unparalleled and the underwear lasts for years, so it's what you would call investment lingerie.

Once inside the sale, while you're allowed to keep your purse and coat, if you have any large tote bags staff will politely ask you to keep it by the check out tables. Since no one is really keeping an eye on your belongings, make sure you don't bring any valuables in a large tote.

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Thankfully no men were allowed inside of the sale room. Even the male security guard was very careful not to peek into the room. That said there is no change room and one mirror which women were hovering over while trying on their potential purchases. One women had brilliantly placed pasties over her nipples to feel comfortable trying on the various bras without fear of modesty - obviously a Cosabella veteran. This sample sale is not for the shy.

While there are a some bras, camis and babydolls hanging from racks around the room, most of the merchandise is in bin by type, but not size so you really will have to dig. As for sizes almost everything I came across while shopping was a Medium or a 34B. There were some Small's but they were few and far in between. There were also quite a few thongs in One Size Fits All. While shopping many women just decided to go ahead and buy size Medium underwear even though they normally wear a Small exclaiming that the Mediums didn't look very large. Since sizes aren't sorted, this is one sample sale that you'll have to spend time with to dig through and find the styles and colors that you want. Prepare to be there a while.

Thongs were $14, Bikini $15 and Hotpants $19. Bras were $30 for soft wireless and $45 for wire. Babydolls were $60, Robes  / Chemises $65 and Pajamas $75. Swimwear separates were $35 a piece or $60 for a one piece.

While there were plenty of cute styles and I really wanted to purchase a few items, the lack of Small sizing threw me off and baggy underwear at $14+ a pop was not really something I wanted to risk. If you like the one size underwear however it may still be worth stopping by. Size Medium and 34B ladies, you have it made.
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Who: Cosabella Sample Sale
What: Up to 70% off intimates. Prices range from $13-$80.
When: April 28-30, 2013. Sun 11am-6pm, Mon-Tues 11am-7pm
Where: 220 Lafayette St (b/n Spring and Kenmare St)

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