Monday, January 14, 2013

Sample Sale Report: Calvin Klein Collection

EDIT: Prices have been further reduced to 85% off retail 90% off ! You can grab a suit for just $164.25 $109.50! INSANITY SUPER INSANITY! Accessories are also 90% off now as well.  Briefcases were flying off the shelves since they were going for $112.50 (down from $1,250).  As for womenwear most of the dresses now $400 $260+ dollars, but you could snag a jazzy cape or wool jacket for about $160 $107.

I stopped by the Calvin Klein Collection sale at lunch today and was greeted with a fast coat check and no line which is always nice!  The sale started yesterday with pricing for clothing set at 75% off retail and 60% off accessories.  Just one day into the sale, prices were already reduced so clothing is now 80% off and accessories 70% off (there are no shoes at this sale).  There are a couple large changing areas at the back and mirrors scattered throughout the space.  Sizing in general is available across the board (smaller sizes are available but in fewer quantities). 

Overall, the sale is predominately menswear - with the split being approximately 60% menswear and 40% womenswear.  There are tons of basics which are really well priced - nothing flashy, nothing over the top.  If you work in an office environment (like moi) - here's a change to stock up solid pieces at great prices.  The wall on the right is packed with wrapped up dress shirts which the sales people request are not opened.  Sample shirts are available in the changing room so all you need to do is try one on in the back to figure out your size and then grab whatever you fancy in the cellophane wrapping from the wall.  At 80% off, shirts come in at just $39 a pop.
Suits are amazingly priced at just $219 (down from $1,095) and make up about 50% of the menswear at this sale.  There's plenty of solid black, grey and blue suits in a whole host of sizes.
Knitwear is set up at a table in the front with mostly merino crewneck and vneck options.  Most sweaters will set you back just $39 and a range of sizes are available (smaller sizes are fewer in quantity but are still available). 
There are a couple rows of outerwear with lots of long wool coats and some leather pieces.  The outerwear prices range from about $140 and up.  The leather piece shown above will set you back just $252 (down from $1,260) .
The back of the sale houses some Ts and polos which are probably the worst items in the sale.  Items are priced around $50+ and are not worth looking at let alone buying.

Accessories are also near the back of the sale but there's not too much to get excited about.  The briefcase shown above was probably the best bet for men for $338 (down from $1,125).

If you're looking to stock up on basics like solid colored dress shirts and suits, this sale is worth checking out.

Who: Calvin Klein Sale
What: Snag men's & women's Suits, Sportcoats, Outerwear, Shirts, Knitwear,
Accessories & handbags at up to 80% off retail.
When: Jan 13-17, 2013. Sun 9am-6pm, Mon- Wed 9am-7pm, Thurs 9am-5pm
Where: Soiffer Haskin, 317 West 33rd Street (b/n 8th & 9th Ave)

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