Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Sample Sale Report: Bendon Lingerie December 2012

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The Bendon lingerie sample sale is one that I make sure that I never miss. How else could I snag high end lingerie from the likes of Elle McPherson and Stella McCartney on my budget? If you are a petite bra size this sample sale starts at 32A and offers tons of sexy options that are not usually seen in this size range. If you are more full on top, this sale has also got you covered with it’s room with a wide selection of D to G cups. The most selection at this sale is probably in the C & D category although there were still a fair number of B cups as well. The pricing is simple and well labeled.

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n A-D cups you the hanging bras are $30, the matching panties are $20. For the bras in boxes on the table it is $20 for a bra and $10 for bottoms. There were some rhinestone Christmas Knickers from Stella McCartney for $25 a box and Elle McPherson Chemise / Camisoles for just $15. For the more fanciful chemise options they were $35. In the full cup room bras are $20 and bottoms $10. There were also 3 styles of Elle McPherson panties priced at 3 for $20. Finally there were a couple boxes of marked samples priced at $10 for tops and $5 for bottoms. If you’re in the market for sexy beautiful lingerie, this is the perfect sample sale to stop by.  To note there is a try on area behind the cashier that is curtained from the sale section but not curtained from the outside world although the sale is pretty high up in the building with not buildings super close by.
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