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Maison Martin Margiela x H&M at Columbus Circle

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Tonight I was given the opportunity to shop the H&M x Maison Martin Margiela pre-shop event at the brand new sparkly location of H&M on the 2nd floor of the The Shops at Columbus Circle. It was nice to get to wait in line indoors – something to consider if you’re going to be waiting in line tomorrow morning to keep your fingers from getting too numb.  Being the fashion keener that I am, I was in the first 15 people in line, despite the fact that I have a bruised heel bone (due to a failed attempt cleaning up my closet and have been hobbling around for the past few days).
Upon entry to the sale it was chaos as usual as people ran to get their coveted items. In case you’re wondering what they are: the candy wrapper clutch and the disco ball mirrored leggings are the hot ticket and I spotted them in nearly everyone’s arms as they wandered through the sale. If these are on your wish list make sure you hit them up first – I spotted a few random hoarders carrying the clutches 4 at a time. Women’s shoes was also a fast mover with staffers continuously bringing out an armload of boxes at a time.
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I struck quickly and soon snagged up everything from my wish list and ran to the change room for final confirmation. I learned my lesson at the H&M x Versace collaboration when I didn’t grab multiple sizes and soon found myself out of luck on the floral print bustier so I grabbed multiple sizes this time and prevailed.
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See pictures of packaging and my product reviews after the jump.
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This time around I have to really hand it to the MMM attention to detail – Everything from the boxes to the shiny embossed bags to the hangtags, to the fabric zip up garment bag have tone on tone white lettering. Subtle shine on the paper goods that have been embossed for a luxe look. The garments all have these large tags that describe the item and what season it was originally designed for which look really sharp. The only problem with these tags is that they are GINORMOUS and it was rather difficult to try on garments with these flapping about, although with some patience, you can make it work.
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As for my buys I tried to stick with only what I love and in the end picked up the “Hitched-Up Dress”, The Mirror Ball leggings and the “Hair Lock Necklace”.

The Hitched up dress is a really nice the fabric is a Viscose wool crepe and not at all itchy. It is a medium weight fabric with good drape and body. The dress itself is surprisingly heavy. The dress is fully lined and although the lining edge is raw edge all of the interior seams have been bound in a satin lining for a luxe finish. The V-back is a bit low so it will require a low back bra/those chicken cutlets that can only be worn for short periods of time. I was torn on this dress and the Sideways Dress but ultimately the color, ease of putting on and silhouette won. I had to get this dress in 1 size smaller than my usual H&M size because otherwise the back hung too far away from my body.

The sideways dress is made of the same fabric, but it is unlined and although there are no body zippers there is a tank dress underneath the sideways shirt dress that make up the upper portion of the dress.  There is only a shoulder zip so that you can fit your head into the neck opening. This piece was a bit fidgety to get on and on my first attempt I managed to get a bit tangled up in the dress. This dress runs true to size, the smaller size resulted in buttons getting bunched up inside the dress. The sleeves are very dramatic looking but I ultimately decided that my budget could only have room for 1 dress.

The mirror leggings are zippered at the ankles – a point that I did not immediately realize as I struggled in the change room to put these things on. After I found the zippers it was much easier. To note the “mirrors” are actually heat sealed reflective plastic bonded to the spandex. This makes them much more comfortable than sequins (yes I have a pair of sequins leggings that constantly poke/scratch me). There is a nice wide interior elastic that feels comfortable. You should also keep in mind that these leggings are not as stretchy or comfortable as regular leggings due to the bonded plastic. Hopefully the plastic bits stay in place as I love these leggings – anything remotely disco ball like get’s my vote.

Finally, that hair necklace. It’s a little ridiculous and over the top but also very simple and Margiela too. The hair is held together nicely in a metal cap on a waxed cord with metal tips and metal namesake tag.  The hair of course is not real but synthetic so you have to beware of wearing with static inducing fabrics or you get fly aways on your necklace – which is more than a little hilarious.
My deepest disappointment came from the oversized jeans which with their wide legs and bleached out denim wash were exactly up my alley. They are a little tricky to put on but you can adjust the slouch factor by adjusting the overlap with hooks that are in the front. The front looked every bit the beauty that I thought they would. My problem came when I turned around. Literally my butt looked HUGE, which I don’t mind but not only was my butt large, it was flat and poufy which is not ok. I contemplated ways to  fix this in the change room but ultimately I sadly put them back on the shelf for someone else to adore.

Not sure what you’re after but I hope you find the Margiela of your dreams tomorrow morning!

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