Thursday, November 15, 2012

H&M X Maison Martin Margiela: Menswear

Along with Erin - I ended up hitting the presale event at Columbus Circle last night.  The men's section was no where near as frantic as the women's (thank God it was on a different floor) but it was still bustling.   From what I could see, shoppers were definitely more selective with their choices - my guess is due to the heftier pricepoints.  Hopefully this will act as a deterrant for the infinite number of douchebags who try and turn a quick buck through reselling the items on eBay.

Apparently there are still plenty of shit for brains people out there who are already reselling on eBay.  Take "iliveforlanvin" for example who is selling the high-top sneakers for $599 + $15 shipping ($129 in store).  For your sake "iliveforlanvin", I hope I never meet you as I am guaranteed to go batshit crazy on your ass.  At least you have the decency of keeping your shipping charges to a minimum when trying to bank over 300% profit on a post production, post retailed good. How very noble of you.  

That's enough ranting for now on dumbass eBay resellers - back to the clothes!
My favorite of the lot was this wool grey blazer with fused lapels.  It's clean cut, and when you look at it, the detailing is subtle and very Margiela. It's probably one of the most wearable items and at $149 won't break the bank.
In terms of tops, the sweaters seemed to be more popular with shoppers that night.  The staff at the H&M store did a great job of restocking items so it looked like lots of people got what they wanted which was nice.  Shoes - and the sneakers in particular - seemed to fly off the shelves the quickest.  So if that's what your gunning for, I suggest trying to go for those first!
Pants seemed to fare the least well with shoppers - they are definitely not your typical run of the mill slacks so if you're eyeing a pair hopefully you'll be able to snag one in your size. 
I thought the most fun looking piece was the disco blazer - a perfect option for a New Year's party!


If you plan on stopping by/are in line hope you get what you're looking for!

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