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Runway Review: Costello Tagliapietra Spring 2013

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Costello Tagliapietra's signature draped dresses were aplenty in their SS2013 show. Whether short, long, belted, ruched or asymmetrical, their ability to make their dresses, and therefore their woman, look sophisticated and effortless is what makes their collections covetable. And this season was no different.

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Beautifully draped dresses, with flattering ruched details or some artful belt-tying (lovely for those of us with bodies less like a model’s), walked the runway along with a couple of jumpsuits and some separates, that equally lived up to the chic and feminine style we look forward to from this design duo. And though their colors were more neutral and earthy this time around, they still offered some pops of brightness with their abstract prints, some jewel-toned solids and, of course, the peeking undersides of their double-sided AirDye fabrics.

Costello_Tagliapietra_Spring 2013-2Costello_Tagliapietra_Spring 2013-1

Skin made a bit more of an appearance this season—which only complimented their oh-so-subtly sexy drapes--with several plunging necklines, a halter or two, and a couple of full-length dresses that featured cut-out slivers down the center-front bodice. As always, their styling and beauty was simple, feminine and fresh but with a touch of some carefree sexiness seen with the gently tousled hair and the rosy cheeks and lips. I mean, who wouldn't want to look like this all the time?

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