Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sample Sale Report: YSL June 2012

After the chaos died down from the first day of the sample sale, I decided to check out the YSL sample sale to see what was left.  Although some people may enjoy waiting in a 4 hour line, that is not how I roll.  Fortunately there was not a line to be seen and Soiffer Haskin asks you to check you bag but they are pretty orderly and quick about it, with 3 staffers just checking the bags.

Once inside the sale the shoes were the first thing I checked out with sizes ranging from 34-40, there were options for every size foot although the best selection of shoes appeared to be in the size 39-39 1/2 category.  Rubber wellies are just $50 but the other shoes are $200 while the Trib Too Pump, Tribute Sandal and Boots/Booties are all $350 a pop.  I spotted some Tribute Sandals in pop-y colors and some pretty wild thigh high boots.
The RTW was the next section I tackled and prices are well indicated on sheets by type of clothing item.  Sizes ranged from European size 34 to 44 and were organized by size.  Most of the merchandise appeared to be older merch from autumn 2010 and I heard a few ladies complaining about how old it was.  Still people were diving right in and sifting though the racks.
As for handbags there was a 3 item limit per person and the prices were color coded with those plastic concert wristbands for clarity.  Yellow bags started at $200, Blue was $400, Orange $500, Green $600, Pink $700, Purple $800.  Most of the bags I spotted were $400 or $500.  A few mini duffels with a postmarked look were marked for $200 while the famed Mombasa Horn Handle bag was $400.  At first I thought only a few were left but later on in the sale they released a whole assortment of them in brown or black leather.  The ruffle bags were $400 but I spotted a couple terribly stained store returns to avoid.
Although the clothes were older season, they were in great condition for most part in super luxe and fine silks that are not apparent in most clothing.  I spotted a few evening wear pieces that were marked $700-900 and furs/special pieces marked for $800+.
As for accessories I spotted belts for $50 (on racks and in boxes), jewelry for $50 (mostly pins and a few pairs of cufflinks) and plenty of rings for $50 a pop.
There were plenty of Arty Gold Plated Rings in every color and I spotted a variety of ring sizes from 4-8.  There were a few clutches and diamante clutches but the crowds were continually bustling about them so I couldn't really even get close.
As for the belts I spotted the famed cage belt from a few seasons ago for $50 and a few sunglasses for $75.
The mens section was tiny with just 3 or 4 racks of merchandise to sort through.  As for shoes they had primarily sizes 8-10 in mostly casual sporty styles for $200 a pop.IMAG0207
I personally think that this sale is all about accessories as the clothes were picked over and didn't really seem worth my while.

Who: YSL Sample Sale
What: Deep discounts on menswear, womenswear and accessories
When: June 12-15, 2012. Tues-Thurs 9am-6:30pm, Fri 9am-3pm.
Where: 317 W 33rd St (b/n 8th & 9th Ave).

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Heather said...

My friend went yesterday and waited online for 2 hours. I want to go check it out but I don't want to walk down there to find a long line since I won't be able to stand on it. *sigh*

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