Monday, June 11, 2012

Mr. Porter: Pop-Up Shop

A friend of mine came into town this weekend and we decided to check out the Mr. Porter pop-up shop in Meatpacking.  The theme of the shop is titled "Suits and Style" but most of what's available to purchase are accessories, not clothing. Think sunglasses, knitted ties, jewelry and watches - all of which can be paired back with whatever look you choose to sport. 

The amount of merchandise available was a little disappointing compared to other pop-up shops I've been to but the selection is well curated and doesn't compete with the business Mr. Porter is actually in - online retail.
There is a spot that you can get your shoes polished, grab a cup of java and even an interactive workstation spot where you can dress someone head to toe in Mr. Porter gear and style it the way you would wear it.  The interactive panels let you pick everything from your skivvies to your belt to your tie - and if you don't like what you pick, it's just a matter of dragging and dropping something else onto the body form.  Here's a quick recap of the outfit my friend ended up styling.  
Once you're done with your look, you can email the entire outfit to yourself and if you're a Mr. Porter member, add everything to your wishlist automatically so you don't have to fish around for all the pieces again online.
Overall, while I was a bit sad that there wasn't more merchandise to actually shop from, the interactive panel was definitely interesting in its own right.  The stellar ride outside the pop-up shop didn't hurt either!

The shop is open now through June 17, 2012 at 72 Gansevoort St (b/n Greenwich and Washington St).  12pm-9pm daily.

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