Thursday, April 19, 2012

Sample Sale Report: Elie Tahari April 2012


When I stopped by the Elie Tahari Sample Sale it was fairly busy as professional women sifted through racks upon racks of feminine and business appropriate merchandise.  Looking for a suit jacket or a pencil skirt? You’ll find plenty of options.  A blouse with a smattering of metallic beading or a sheath dress, you’ll find it here.  The vast majority of samples available at the sale are a size 6 unless otherwise indicated – otherwise from the stock pieces available I spotted sizes XS-M.

The sale requires you  to check all coats and handbags so be prepared to shop with just your wallet and cell phone in hand.

Prices at the sale are 70% off retail which translates to:

Knits $19-29, Scarves  $39, Sweaters $49, Blouses, Skirts, Pants $59, Leather Skirts $79, Luxe Sweaters $89, Jackets $99, Day Dresses $99, Leather Pants $99, Leather Dresses $129, Evening Dresses $129, Coats $199-279, Leather Jackets $279, Fur/Shearling $499.


There were row upon row of ladies shoes that appeared to be in the size 37-39 realm including sexy pumps, ballet flats and some sexy shoeties for $79-99.


Handbags didn’t look particularly appealing but they had them on shelves or the wall with the luxury handbags behind a counter with someone to help you.  Clutches for $79 up to Luxury handbags for $199.

The men’s selection was significantly smaller with only 7 racks of merch but I still spotted at least 5 gentlemen patiently sifting through the racks hoping for a good deal.  Sizes for men unless indicated are a 32 pant or Medium Top.

If you are sample size (6 womens or Medium Mens) and in need of some work ready clothes this is a great sale to hit up, otherwise i t may not be worth your time.

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