Tuesday, March 6, 2012

NYFW Runway Review: The Blonds

The final show I attended of NYFW was the loudest as Milk Studios was overtaken by the downtown cool kids strutting their most outrageous outfits.  Before the show even began I saw Spike Hair, furry monster get-up, angel wings and one topless bathing suit paired with tassle  pasties.  Celebs like Stacy London, Nigel Barker, Miss J Alexander, Jay Manuel, Robert Verdi were enjoying themselves and posing for photos as everyone strutted their best stuff. The energy and over the top exuberance had me not knowing where to look and I scarcely noticed the electric motorcycle on the runway that was deeply connected to the theme of the show.  Right before the show began there was a sudden flurry of activity as Lil Kim made her way into the room.

By the time the crowd settled down into their seats and the lights dimmed the energy of the room was electric.  A posse of men lead the way down the runway for a thoroughly studded and leathered up biker chick with big hair that tumbled out of a jet black helmet.
The sparkly futuristic and sculptural pieces followed bringing to life a heroine that is tough as nails but dead sexy.  Blonde hair hung down from helmets in a perfect pony and the mantra, "Live Fast, Die Blond" was emblazoned on one of the moto jackets.  For womenswear the focus was on what The Blonds do best - impeccable corsets that look a bit extreme with mini hot pants but if paired with skinny jeans could light up the town on a special night out.  
Skirt lengths were short and shorter!  As a girl who loves sparkle in her life the sexy shoes were in Swarovski crystals and studs throughout the collection were high on my wish list.
While this is the first Blonds show I can remember seeing menswear, it seemed comparatively tame.  While it definitely was as sparkly as the womenswear it was also a lot more covered up.  Motorcycle jackets, printed pants and shirts were covered in geometric and animal prints with a generous smattering of studs.  There were a couple of shirts without sides that reminded me of decorative bibs, the way the swung around when the men walked.  I guess in the realm of menswear the prints and glitter combined are more than most men could take.  Like the womenswear though the glittering kicks definitely got my attention.

I have to thank David and Phillipe Blond for reminding me always that fashion is and always should be fun - a fact that sometimes gets lost in the bustle of NYFW.

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