Monday, March 26, 2012

Inside: Audrey Grace Pop-Up Boutique

The Audrey Grace pop-up boutique on the High Line is like a sugary cupcake coming to life - it just might be the girliest shopping experience that I've ever had in the best possible way.  Everything is so irresistibly charming and adorable that you want or need it all.

Audrey Grace is a boutique that is actually located in Jackson Mississippi.  It was started by Jaclyn Bethany who travelled the world to source products for her boutique and culled brands from Australia, Thailand, England, France and from the USA.
The pop-up has a combination of artwork, photography and both vintage and vintage-look designs that will transport you back in time.  there are 40 custom dresses that were made especially for the shop by designers including Erin Fetherson, Rachel Antonoff, Orla Kiely, Jill Stuart, Manoush, Samantha Pleet, Kelsey Genna, Wayward Daughter, Sretsis, Lucy in Disguise, Wren and many more.  Cat print dresses, tutus, sailor dresses, hearts, bows, sparkle, ruffles, lace and the whimsical all abound.

Also lovely illustrations of women like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Marie Antoinette are posted on every available surface from Artists/Photographers Dan Estabrook, Stacey Mark, Jessie Lily Adams,  Marie Zucker, Gunnar Larson, Jeannine Tann, Caitlin Shearer, Katy Smail, and many more.

I stopped by the launch party on Friday night and The Jane Doze was DJ'd the event as guests enjoyed cake, pastel candies and wine courtesy of Penfolds (Red) as they shopped the night away.

As I entered the boutique I saw models decked out in party dresses posed with the super fun oversized balloons from Geronimo.
Price points varied greatly with an adorable but simple rabbit ring for just $10 to vintage dresses for $45-110 to brand new custom designer merchandise from $100-450.  Prices are clearly marked for most part on neatly written labels.

Although the space is not huge there are racks upon racks of unique merchandise to explore.  I ended up snagging a great condition vintage shirt dress with pleated skirt in Creamsicle Orange for $50.  There is a fairly large sized communal changing area available with a rack and full length mirror to review your finds.

For every girly girl out there, this pop-up is well worth the trek to the West Side.  Bonus since it's literally right beside the 26th Street entrance to the High Line, why not take a scenic stroll afterwards.

Who: Audrey Grace Pop-Up Boutique
What: A week long Marie Antoinette-inspired fashion wonderland featuring special looks by Erin Fetherson, Alexandra Grecco, Rachel Antonoff, LuLu Frost and more.
When: March 23-28, 2012. Fri 8pm-10pm Launch Event - RSVP here, Sat-Wed 11am-8pm
Where: The Highline Loft, 508 West 26th St (b/n 10th & 11th Ave), 5th Floor


Anonymous said...

hi- do you know how much that sretsis top was and if there were a lot of sretsis items?

Sugar Rock Catwalk said...

There were quite a number of Sretsis items, I believe I saw at least 10 different styles. Unfortunately I cannot recall the price of the top but expect typical designer pricing at the pop-up on new items.

Anonymous said...

This is one of the cutest little pop ups I have seen in a long time!

The mother and father are there to support the daughter store. They are from Mississippi and super nice! The space is more like a vintage curated gallery with tons of photos and art all around than a store. The clothes and accessories are beautifully curated and you will sure find something adorable to bring home with you.

Lots of Lucy in Disguise (Lilly Allen's brand) and great vintage finds. Will look forward to other pop-ups like this!

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