Monday, February 6, 2012

Spot Check: Jason Wu for Target at Atlantic Terminal

After a 3am online shopping failure of items not adding to my cart, sizes not found and going in circles I gave up at 3:32am for the comfort of my pillow.  Unfortunately my online failure left me unsettled and wanting a piece of Wu even more.  While lines at Atlantic Terminal began at 6am, by the time I headed over they were completely wiped out of sizes XS, S and M.  If you are a size L or XL, the world is still your oyster with racks still laden with dot printedand striped dresses and tie neck blouses.  If you are looking for the floral print illusion top, pearl neck floral dress or floral pleated skirt, you're out of luck.  Ditto on accessories. Nary a scarf or purse to be seen.

Lack of sizes didn't stop women from hoping as they rummaged the racks in hopes of sizes.
One style there was plenty of was the tie neck blouse.  I even found a couple size Smalls unfortunately one had a mysterious stain on it that appeared to be morning coffee spilled during the early am shopping scuffles.
A trip to the change room revealed a rack full of unwanted merch - mostly Jason Wu for Target but unfortunately all in sizes M-XL.  A lady in front of me scored the last size small illusion top as staffers helped organize and sort out customer wants.

If you were thinking of heading out to the Target by Flatbush/Brooklyn College, don't bother unless you are a size XL - a most wonderful gentleman volunteered himself to attempt to snag a few items for me but was left empty handed (still thankful though that he tried :)!).  Apparently it's a bi-coastal phenomenon as my friend in Seattle did not have better luck.  Did you manage to snag a piece of the collaboration or is there still any left where you live?

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