Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Katherine Kwei Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

A while back I was invited to check out the new Katherine Kwei Spring/Summer 2012 Collection at Delicatessen in Soho.  We got to check out a collection inspired by Tahiti and the South Pacific islands.  The turquoise snakeskin shimmers and reminds me of the ocean and somehow ended up being the exact shade of my nail polish that day!  Guava, passion fruit, oyster, shell pink and lime are the fresh colors that bring a breath of Spring to the air that could brighten up any outfit.
The intricately hand knotted pieces look great in the new colors and feature new details on familiar silhouettes.  The Vivian collection gets new life in pearlescent leather - especially in the Barbie pink version - it is such a great twist on the classic look of a quilted bag in an entirely new approach.  I have been a fan of the Jessica collection since it launched.  The Jessica Mini with it's simple saddle shape looks like the perfect mini bag to take with you for life on the go.  I was particularly taken by makeover the Donna Sling Bag got in printed water snakeskin with chain strap.  It looks a little disco and a whole lot of useful to dress up or dress down - the difference a strap can make.
As the evening progressed I got to hang out with some wonderful ladies over cocktails and snacks while coloring in my very own Katherine Kwei charms bringing be back to memories of my childhood.  We weren't just coloring for fun though because to keep things interesting Katherine Kwei was giving away a bag to one of the attendees for best coloring job.  Although I didn't win, it was nevertheless a memorable and relaxing night that pulled me away from my everyday - not quite as far as Tahiti but a girl can dream! Check out some of my colored in charms below inspired by the real deal.


Anonymous said...

What is the color of your nail polish? It's stunning!

Erin said...

Sorry for the delayed response it's 2 layers of Shellac Hotski to Tchotchke with 1 layer Shellac Mother of Pearl

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