Monday, February 13, 2012

Runway Review: Cynthia Rowley Fall 2012

The runway show started and before I even see the clothes in person, huge screens are projecting the models as they walk from multiple angles providing an artful backdrop to the show. It's no wonder seating was arranged entirely on one side of an extra long runway.
Cynthia Rowley (1)Cynthia Rowley (2)Cynthia Rowley (3)

The collection is inspired by mechanics and the idea of a overall that is so easy, effortless but also simultaneously tough and sexy.  Design details like zip fronts, buckle straps, button ups reference the garb that mechanics wear but the fabrications in silk, leather, denim, plaid and jersey and clusters of sequin patches suggest luxury instead of a garage.  It's not to say this collection was without any layering - turtlenecks looked great with sparkling DanniJo jewels that come so high up the neck that it makes me think of women pictured in National Geographic. 

Cynthia Rowley (4)Cynthia Rowley (7)Cynthia Rowley (9)
Burgundy, Fire Orange, Chocolate, Olive, Denim, Indigo Blue and White comprised the sophisticated color palette for the collection.

The prints were most interesting.  Some reminded me of that swirly pattern you see in a puddle of oil while others looked tie-dyed in a way that a bright rag might look if a mechanic wiped their hands on it at the end of the day.  Others prints almost machine-like giving a robotic feel and others still look a bit like a burning flame.
Cynthia Rowley (10)Cynthia Rowley (12)Cynthia Rowley (19)
The collection contrasted boxy easy tops or leather tee shirts with slip skirts and slim cut trousers with a slightly dropped crotch for a slouchy effortless look.

I loved how this collection stuck very closely to the theme but in a very non-literal and unexpected delivery while keeping true to Rowley's aesthetic of creating non-girly feminine clothes that are both comfortable and effortlessly stylish.
Cynthia Rowley (21)Cynthia Rowley (23)Cynthia Rowley (24)Cynthia Rowley (26)Cynthia Rowley (27)Cynthia Rowley (29)Cynthia Rowley (30)Cynthia Rowley (32)Cynthia Rowley (37)

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