Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sample Sale Report: All Saints

When I heard that All Saints was having their very first Warehouse Sale I excitedly ran off to Soho to scope out the scene.  I arrived just after 7pm and although there was no line to enter or leave the sale or no coat check, the line to checkout was out of control.
The upstairs had all the men's clothing and check out lines while the downstairs had all the shoes and womenswear.  The sale had  a feeling of being kind of picked over even though the racks were still full.  Certain styles that didn't perform at retail were available in multiples but a lot of the more desirable styles were one-off type pieces without much hope of finding sizes.  I overheard a girl tell her friend, "Why are there nothing but size 16's in here?".  As for my brief searching I did spot various sizes from 6-12.  Remember All Saints uses UK sizing, so you'll definitely have to remember to size up - a UK 10 is a US 6.  Everything is 70% the original retail price that has been ticketed to the garment.

The most organized areas at the sale appeared to be the shoe section and the denim section as each had a staffer on hand ready to help pull sizes.  Unfortunately the rest of the sale was just a free for all.  Shoppers though for most part seemed pretty relaxed and not overly eager to push their way around.
There were plenty of trench coats.  A tangle of tank tops were marked down to $12 each.
The multi beaded tank top was marked 70% off $145 (which is $43.50).  Theere were quite a few of the bubble hem beaded dress which was 70% off $580 (which is $174).
The chunky knitted sweater was 70% off $270 (which is $84, although the price tag listed $81), the jean shorts/skirts were 70% off either $65-85 (which translates to about $20-25 - making it the cheapest thing at the sale).

For this sale I wouldn't go out of my way, it's a bit chaotic and unless you're in the mood to dig you're not likely to come up with much although despite it all there are still some very cute pieces left in the mix.

Who: All Saints’ Warehouse Sale
What: Up to 70% off on men's, women's, and children's items. Brocade leather jacket $165 (was $550), Garcia dress $123 (was $410), men's Excavator shirt $39 (was $110).
When: January 11-16, 2011. Wed-Mon noon-8pm
Where: 76 Wooster St (nr Spring St)

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