Friday, December 9, 2011

Sale Report: Filene's Basement

Filene's Basement at Union Square is taking 30%-50% everything in their store. Heck you can even buy the racks, changeroom doors and other fixtures if you need!

The majority of merch is on the lower end of the discount range (i.e. 30% off) but you can score staples like underwear from Calvin Klein at 30% which isn't too bad. Shoes are all 40% off - everything is all over the place which is expected but I did see some Sperry Top Siders for $48. Clearance items that have an orange tag are an additional 40%.
The racks marked "Vault" are where they keep their designer goods - all of which are 50% off! Sizing is completely random, as are styles, but if you're willing to put in a bit of time you might be able to score something amazing.

Raf Simons Overcoat -$150, Valentino Shirt $50

D&G Dress pants - $80, Dolce & Gabanna textured wool pants-$100

Kriziauomo knitwear - $50

The most plentiful of the designer merch was Missoni Gear - so if you missed your chance with the Target X Missoni madness - maybe you can score something better now! T shirts were going for $40, polos $50, jeans $50 and knitwear ranged from $100-$140. Keep in mind you definitely need to dig around and scour - alot of the merch is there for a reason but you can still find some decent things.
Out of everything I saw, these pieces were one of my favorites (partly b/c they were in the best condition as well). Both were going for $120 a piece.
The sweater shown above left was pretty amazing too. The texture on the knit was incredible which is what Missoni is known for. I tried this on - but it was stretched out quite a bit from being hung on the hanger - otherwise I would have totally picked it up. If you're into prints, the above cardigan (cotton/linen mix) was going for $140.
Patchwork knits were priced on the lower end and will set you back $100. If you can pull off that orange without looking like a pumpkin - go for it.

Overall there's some decent stuff to be had - you just have to look and dig around. I suggest you take a few passes at the Vault racks since things keep moving around by the minute. Things get picked up but they also get put back - so patience is definitely a virtue in this scenario.

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Anonymous said...

None of the missoni is left ...I searched and searched

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