Friday, December 9, 2011

Apple Opening: Grand Central

I quickly stopped by the opening of the new Apple store in Grand Central Station. Normally, I would never venture out to an opening like this where there's guaranteed to be hoards of people and no shopping incentive - but I work right at Grand Central so I made my way down with my co-worker to take a break. It's Friday!
The line looks daunting but it moves extremely quickly - we were in within 5-10 minutes after receiving a silver wristband.
The space is massive - and there were tons of people. There were plenty of stations set up to test the products out, much like every other apple store.
One thing that I noticed were these pay stations set up at the tables to make checkout faster. I've seen the portable checkout stations employees carry but never ones that were stationed at the tables.
If you're one of the first 4,000 shoppers to enter the store, they're giving out free T shirts to mark the event.

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