Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sample Sale Report: Anna Sui

The Anna Sui Sample Sale was a quiet bustle as lunch time crowds sifted their way through boxes and racks of samples in a medium sized room. While the space wasn’t huge, racks were sufficiently full of a wide assortment of merchandise and you have room to breath. Merchandise is gently priced and comes in a variety of sizes. For samples, sizes are predominantly a Small to Medium Size while for Collection, stock sizes are 0-12. Coats and large bags must be checked at the door. Staffers are super friendly and I think I spotted six ladies ready to check out customers at a moments notice. There was a small change area in the back that seemed semi-private from the main shopping area.
This collection bra top sample was just $15
Military looking sweat jacket was $25, very classic Sui flowy dresses were $100 each.IMAG3786
The lowest prices are on the samples which are priced as follows:
Sleeveless Tops $15
Tops $20
Skirts $35-40
Pants $25
Dresses $100-150
Jackets $50
Coats $80
Knitwear $50
Printed Tees $10
Trim Tees $20
Hoodies $30
Leggings $5
Heart Shaped Bag $10
Hats $5
Scarves $5
There was even As-Is bin that was $3 per item, 2 for $5!
Everything has been carefully marked with a silver pen on black tickets.  Collection is priced as marked.  Spotted a very Sui looking sweater for $144 while and eyelet skirt is $162.

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Anonymous said...

i thought superoverpriced as compared to previous years! dresses that were 100-150 were 35 2 years ago!

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