Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sample Sale Report: Hugo Boss

Stopped by the Hugo Boss sample sale yesterday afternoon to the quiet shuffling of men as they sifted through the endless supply of stylish and tailored merchandise.  Most of the patrons were quite immaculately groomed and there was quite a number of fairly handsome male shoppers in the mix – but do these people not have jobs? Sale hours are between 9:30am-5:30pm so you have to wonder.
The sale was pretty much dedicated in the realm of 90% men’s merch vrs 10% ladies' merch.  Prices were actually stunningly good for Hugo Boss and all the various brands underneath the umbrella (ie Boss Orange, Hugo Hugo Boss, Boss Hugo Boss etc).  In fact there was no price differentiation between the labels.  Every item was priced by type of item.
Some of the best deals of the sale had to be in the shoe section with Sneakers at just  $45 a  pop and dress shoes for just $60!  There were these stunning ombre oxford shoes I could not get enough of! While sizes were primarily in the size 43 category or US size 10, there were a few other sizes like 42 thrown into the mix.  Ties were just $20 a pop although there aren’t very many left. Dress shirts were $40 a pop. Men's accessories had been whittled down by the time I was at the sale but a lone wallet was $18, pocket squares $10 but still plenty of belts at $18.

As for bottoms they primarily had a stock of 34R but I spotted a few 32R’s in the mix.  Trousers whether they were wool or cotton were priced at $50 a pop, jeans are $45 and shorts just $25.
As for tops or sweaters they were mostly size Large with very few Mediums thrown in the mix.  I can’t recall the price of sweaters but I think sweat shirts were around $35 and wind breakers around $72.
Plenty of sport coats were organized in a gradation of hues and priced at $150 a pop while suits were $250 predominantly in sizes 38R or 40R.Polo shirts were $30 each.
Here are a few detail shots of things I picked up for my dad.  Fingers crossed they fit and he likes them!
As for the womenswear the selection was pretty sparse.  I even noticed a staffer trying to re-distribute/space out clothes on the rack to appear to be more than there actually was.  Casual clothes are mostly in the realm of trousers and athletic tech fabric shirts.  There was very little to look at although the prices were exceptional.  From what I saw, sizes were either Small or 4-6.  If you are already shopping for menswear, it doesn’t hurt to have a look but there isn’t much.  If you are a size 8 shoe there are probably only about 8 pairs remaining.
If you are heading to this sale, make sure you know that it’s all about the menswear.  Even if you don’t benefit – the men in your life will definitely love you for stopping by.  If you are a size 43 footed man or a 34R pant size or a size L top the world is your oyster.
Who: Hugo Boss
What: Tailored clothing, sportswear, shoes, and accessories for both men & women.
When: October 3-7, 2011. Mon-Thurs 9:30am-5:30pm, Fri 930am-1pm
Where: 601 West 26th S. (b/n 11th & 12th Ave.), Suite 845
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