Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Product Review: NCLA Nail Wraps

As you may have already figured out I am something of a nail polish fanatic - I have been known to at time freak people out because I recognize the OPI color name.  Truthfully though my nails go from deplorable where I try to hide them for weeks to well manicured.

So when I was offered the chance* to try out one of NCLA, Nail Couture LA, nail wraps I couldn't turn it down.  I have previously tried Sally Hansen peel and stick nail polish and wondered how it would differ.

IMAG3021IMAG3022For one thing there are a greater variety of designs especially those featuring more intricate design and a more sophisticated sense of color. I tried a digital looking design called Mission to Mars from the Boogie Nights collection.

IMAG3025IMAG3038With the Sally Hansen, you have to use up all the designs once you open a packet or else they dry out. NCLA nails will keep for future use if kept in an airtight container.  NCLA nails require a coat of clear polish beforehand to allow the polish to adhere.  NCLA nails are slightly easier to apply because you simply peel and stick instead of snapping and peeling off an additional layer of protective film.  They both require the application of clear nail polish after to seal in the polish.

My nails were completed super fast and they looked good with the exception of my index finger that I had to redo.  Perhaps it was my inexperience but I managed to get a couple air bubbles that I couldn't smooth out nicely.  I think if I had liberally applied more base coat from the get go it might have adhered better.


Over the next few days I got plenty of compliments.  My one complaint is that the edges after doing some of my typical everyday things started to get jagged and rough feeling.  Upon reading additional instructions I learned that for perfect edges, NCLA recommends trimming your nails with a clipper.  I tried this on a few nails and it definitely helped.  Perhaps my next time I try this out I’ll trim and file my nails after applying the wraps.


By the time day 7 rolled around they still looked pretty good and could have stayed on for another couple days but I was in the mood to try something new with my nails and although I probably shouldn’t I peeled the wraps off fairly easily in a few big swoops.

While each design of nail wrap costs about $16 you get enough wraps to do your hands about 4 times.  So at $4 a pop that will last you more than a week it’s really quite affordable. If you were ambitious I’m sure you could trim them down to fit toes and do nails & toes together 2 times.

*full disclosure: I received 1 complimentary wrap design to test


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