Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Catching Up with Robin Tomas


We first noticed Robin Tomas’ clothes on the runway of the Supima Fashion Competition last January.  Since that point his award winning t-shirt has been produced exclusively for Bloomingdales and gone on to create a collection of women’s wear under the label “TOMAS”.  Building on his passion to create refined yet wearable art Tomas just released his sophomore collection.

TOMAS7The Fall 2011 collection was inspired by the Amish community and features distinctly austere sensibilities and purposeful pleating.  While the color palette is predominantly darker and subdued, luxe fabrications and shine give new life and a sense of modernity to the simple silhouettes.  While the clothing is very “covered up”, the softly structured shoulders and sleeves look strong rather than demure.

We had a chance to catch up with Tomas to see how he was doing and a bit about his latest collection and what he’s dressing up for as for Halloween.


SRC: How has your life changed since becoming involved in the Supima competition?

RT: It has opened doors and given me quite a boost in getting my work out there. Sometimes i still have to pinch myself to make sure my design made it to the floor of one of NYC's institutions.

SRC: Your background previously was in Menswear, how does that experience effect your designs for women?

RT: It gets me to start with a solid core, a great fit using the right element to use as a statement. Menswear relies on great detailing as well, overall I was able get these essential ingredients for menswear into womenswear.

SRC: Tell us about your inspiration for the recent Fall 2011 collection? 

RT: The recent Fall Collection is inspired by the Amish community, I used pleating as an overall theme and used classic dark Fall colors with an accent splatter black and white print. - I dubb it as "Amish Chic Futura "

SRC: What kind of woman is your ideal customer?

RT: A working Manhattanite who works hard and play hard, shes driven, quietly confident and naturally chic, she likes what she wants and she is essentially sensual without being sexy.

SRC: What are 3 things every woman needs this Fall?

RT: A hot cloak, cute shrug, and a stunning dress....

SRC: Will you be dressing up for Halloween?

RT: Probably be a cowboy, or a surgeon ; )

SRC: What can we expect to see from you next?

RT: We’re presenting Spring to the press and the out!


The TOMAS Fall 2011 collection is available at:

Anik Boutique – Madison Ave and 83rd St, Amsterdam and 73rd St.

INA boutique on 101 Thompson St. SoHo

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Anonymous said...

Talented artist designer; love the simplicity classic yet modern style. More power and success.

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