Monday, September 26, 2011

VuQo Vodka New York Launch Party

I actually wasn’t planning on attending the VuQo vodka launch in the midst of NYFW as I usually favor my bed to any parties to prevent fashion week flu. But since it was a Saturday night and since my friends invited me the day before, I headed over to the rooftop of Ink 48. The roof had a stunning view of the city and the moon was shining as party-goers socialized and drank delicious cocktails under the stars on a windy but warm night.VuQo Vodka Launch (14)VuQo Vodka Launch (2)VuQo Vodka Launch (3)
For the past couple years I have been hooked on coconut water in just about any form and flavor – before that I was buying and cracking open young coconuts 3 at a time.  It’s so refreshing and somehow makes my insides feel fresh and clean.  The prospect of vodka made from coconut had me intrigued. Would the smooth refreshing taste translate over to Vodka?
VuQo Premium Vodka is the only vodka distilled from coconut nectar before being distilled multiple times and passed through carbon filters.  It’s apparently based on a centuries old tradition in the Philippines enjoyed long before Spanish conquistadors ever set foot on the island.  It is also the same methods that would eventually lead to the creation of Tequila in Mexico.
I started off trying each of the delicious cocktails - my personal favorite was the Kiss New York a combination of VuQo, Chambord, Lime Juice, Club Soda and Prosecco.
VuQo Vodka Launch (1)VuQo Vodka Launch (7)
Later on in the night I was even convinced to try a shot poured down the chute of an ice sculpture.  And while I was a bit fearful of the scratchy burn feel at the back of my throat that I have come to associate with vodka, I was I was pleasantly surprised how easy and smooth it went down. In fact, the dreaded scratchiness was entirely absent.  While I am no Vodka connoisseur one thing I know is VuQo Vodka could be dangerous because it goes down almost too easily!  VuQo Vodka is now available at Adriatic Wines in Hell’s Kitchen – 714 10th Ave, New York, NY.
VuQo Vodka Launch (12)VuQo Vodka Launch (34)
For the event I was wearing my organza pants that I had gotten from the Cushnie et Ochs sale.  For a while I had been contemplating how to wear them as they are completely sheer and could come off looking a bit too Jasmine from Aladdin if not done right.  I decided to take a cue from Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s sheer skirt moment and choose to wear boy shorts with a drapey top.  I kept things simple wearing mostly black as I figured the pants already have a lot going on.  Later on in the evening my friend Janet Chung gave me a super fabulous head piece that she had created for a photo shoot and I proudly wore it for the rest of the evening. Top – Preen, actually a dress that I scrunched up like a tunic Leather Zippered Satchel – Botkier Tao Convertible Satchel Boy Shorts - No Name Organza Pants – Cushnie et Ochs Rhinestone and Mesh Bib Necklace – Courtesy of Sorrelli Chain Strap Heels – Camilla Skovgaard Head Piece – Custom Piece by Janet Chung

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Rich Cabael said...

Thanks for coming out! Glad you enjoyed the launch!

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