Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Odd Slipper–Shoes for Small Feet at Last!

The OddSlipperI’ve always had incredibly small feet and considering that I am a true size 5/35 I’ve certainly had my share of challenges finding a pair of shoes.  I remember when I first moved to New York City without a job and just  a suitcase and a dream I decided I would buy a pair of “interview shoes” that would help me walk into any situation with confidence.  Well my confidence was soon shattered when I realized that there was barely a shoe manufacturer that created size 5’s anymore.  A few times I thought I found one and put it on my foot only to realize that they were American size 5’s (actually a size 36), my heart broke in disappointment as I had to put the shoe back down.  I soon realized that the only pairs of shoes I could find that would fit my feet were at the super designer end of the spectrum and my jobless self could not afford a pair of Roger Vivier pumps as gorgeous as they were.  Sales clerks suggested  that I shop the children’s section but how much confidence can a woman muster up with a pair of juvenile looking overly rounded toe shoes?

And while I eventually found my shoe size and literally ran from midtown to Soho to collect the 1 pair in the city left of a cute style, I never forgot the countless disappointment and frustration I felt as I trudged from department store to department store and boutique to boutique.  Fortunately for my fellow petite footed ladies our cries have been answered by the launch of The Odd Slipper last week.  It is an online boutique specializing in footwear for ladies between the shoe sizes of  4.5 to 5.5.

large_51To make sure that they carry only the shoe styles that you will want The Odd Slipper incorporates a weekly voting  process where only the shoes with the most votes will go into the manufacturing stage. The Odd Slipper will be keeping customers updated as to which styles have been picked up and when they'll be ready for sale.  Since they are working directly with shoe manufacturers they also have surprisingly great prices too!  You can click here to start voting and to order shoes too!

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Jeff Hardy said...

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