Thursday, September 29, 2011

S by Shakira: Eau Florale

Stopped by the S by Shakira fragrance launch in the Meat Packing District a couple days ago with Erin. The event was held at Banchet Flowers which was the perfect floral oasis to house the event. Honestly, since moving to NYC I don't get to see a lot of greenery - and what I do see, seems dirty (if that makes sense), so it was definitely a refreshing change of pace.

With flower petals scattered all around and amazing floral arrangements blanketing the walls, it showcased what the fragrance is all about. Shakira is typically known for being sexy and edgy with a rocker chick appeal - but like a Transformer, there's more than meets the eye. The fragrance is meant to showcase Shakira's more feminine and delicate side.

The fragrance itself is sweet but not overpoweringly sweet and blends in the fresh scents of flowers like jasmine, heliotrope, bergamot and cassis with a heart of mixed berries, vanilla and musk. It's definitely a more complex scent with various layers - but there's a great familiarity of all the elements in the perfume which makes it work and seem comforting. Erin thought that it reminded her of the softness and sweetness of cotton candy but the surprising freshness of pink lemonade.

I'm by no means an expert in flowers or even really fond of them but I'm still in awe of all the arrangements of orchids and hydrangeas which were on display. It was very serene and almost calming. Downing a glass of prosecco after a long day at work didn't hurt either =]

There was a DJ in the background spinning out Shakira's hits in the backdrop while everyone was chatting and testing out the fragrance.
If you're a fan of floral and vanilla scents which have a hint of sweetness - this fragrance is definitely worth checking out. Just remember that perfume is personal and smells different on everyone once it absorbs and mixes in with the natural oils in your skin - so test it out on yourself and not on a swab. If you're looking for the optimal test experience, leave the scent on throughout the day and check in (i.e. smell yourself) periodically during the day.

The S by Shakira fragrance is also extremely affordable and starts at just $17 for a 0.5 oz bottle, $28 for a 1.0 oz bottle and $35 for the 1.7 oz bottle. It will be available at key specialty retailers, fine chain drug stores and mass retailers near you.

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