Monday, August 1, 2011

Now Wearing…

Sometimes a shot of bold color is all you need to brighten your day.  Simple little elements like a vibrant sock, a colorful statement necklaces and a little tank are all you need to punch up a simple outfit into a playful one.  I like wearing bright socks with these strappy pumps in particular to create a funky color block effect with very little investment.
Tie Front Dress - Costello Tagliapietra x Uniqlo
Multi Color Chain Necklace - Fallon
Tank Top - LnA
Bright Socks - Uniqlo
Studded Strappy Pumps - Boutique 9
Eagle Ring - Fallon
Nails - Essie Shorty Pants
Hex Nut Bracelet - DIY in the style of Giles & Brother

All photography courtesy of the wonderful James S. Rand.erin3-20110709-006

1 comment:

c/o cousin mgk said...

your eemo says, "ippudah -- i like that colour." i miss you already! xoxo

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