Friday, June 17, 2011

Sample Sale Report: Life: Curated

Stopped by the Life: Curated Spring Sale on my way home from work this afternoon since it's in my hood (whoohoo to summer fridays!!). Since it was the middle of the day and raining a bit, there weren't that many people outside and no line outside.

Everything in the store is on sale and ranges from 30%-70% off womenswear, menswear, shoes and accessories. The pricing is pretty straightforward. Each tag is highlighted in a different color - and each color corresponds with a discount (i.e. blue is 70% off). The majority of the items on sale are in the 60% range which is pretty decent. Sizing is for the most part available with the exception of certain items and there was plenty of Converse by John Varvatos if you're a fan.

Timo Weiland oversized collar plaid shirt - now $58 (was $194)
This one one of my favorite pieces for menswear and it was 70% off - I though the exaggerated collar was playful without being overbearing. In general there were very few pieces for 70% off and only one was available in a size L.

Here are some of the options at the 60% off price point:

Button up cardigan by John Varvatos for Converse $74 (was $185), YMC plaid shirt $52 (was $130)

Saint Augustine Academy contrast shirt $58 (was $145), Nicholas K cardigan with insert $85 (was $212)

At the 50% mark, M:Zero shoes are available and will set you back $50. They had the gray and black sueded loafers available.

At the 30% off mark, there was a Nicholas K half button down shirt available for $153 (was $218). I smiled a little when I saw this since I actually picked this up in a different color a couple days ago at the SHOP event for $60 (also running the duration of this weekend)!

Signs are clearly marked and discount rates are easy enough to figure out (minus the math!) in the event that things get misplaced in the wrong section. The color coding is definitely a smart way to distinguish the discount with minimal effort.

While I didn't scope out the women's section in detail, for the most part it seemed similar to the men's in terms of discount range (with a few more 50% off items), sizing (i.e. for certain items a range of sizes were available) and quantity.

Under.linge by Doo.Ri geometric printed dress $113 (was$375)

Have a great weekend!

Who: Life Curated Stockroom Sale
What: Up to 70% of menswear, womenswear, accessories, furniture and home goods
When: June 17-19, 2011. Fri-Sat(12pm-8pm), Sun (12pm-6pm).
Where: 186 Grand Street - Williamsburg, Brooklyn (nr Bedford Ave). 347-689-9143

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