Thursday, June 16, 2011

SHOP: Event & Sample Sale

Earlier tonight I had the chance to check out the SHOP soft launch with Erin. SHOP is a five day shopping extravaganza that starts today and houses 39 different brands in one space. I wasn't exactly sure what to expect and was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the venue.

Each retailer has a space set up side by side all in the same area. Each retailer is separate from one another and all have their own individual areas to pay for your items. It actually reminded me a lot of shopping in Korea in a department store or in the marketplace.


First up was Warby Parker - the socially conscious eyewear that followed in TOMS footsteps and donates pair for pair. Priced at full retail at $95 a pop - these are still super affordable for prescription eyewear and support a great cause.


To the left of Warby Parker, Nikolas K was the first clothing section that we checked out. The prices were decent with shirts and pants coming in at $60, knits $50 and jackets for $200. There are two price lists - one for overstock (shown above) and another for sample stock where prices are similar but a bit lower and were stocked against the wall.


Next up were Burkman Bros. (top row) and Rogan (bottom row). The merch for Burkam Bros is actually sold exclusively at this event and not available at any other retailer. They also had some bracelets up for grabs at $10 a pop in loads of colors originally worn by Kanye West.

Steven Alan was up next - and while not as well priced as the sample sale that just passed, savings were still to be had. Button-up shirts were going for $126.


If you're in the market for some skincare and accessories, Malin+Goetz had a section set up (skincare), while A-Morir (above right) had a great beach like display set up with funky shades.



One of the spots I spent more time in was Public School. Prices were reasonable, sizes were plentiful and there was lots of merch (menswear). If you're a fan of this line it's definitely worth checking out.


Slow and Steady Wins the Race had an prize booth set up where you spend either $10, $100 or $1,000 to play a game (kind of like cups). A prize is hidden under a shell and whichever shell you choose dictates the prize you receive. While the concept was interesting, I don't how well it will fare compared to all the other retailers available where you can pick what you want.


Samantha Pleet was off to one corner and had some cute beachwear up for grabs.


Siki Im and Clae Shoes were further back in the venue. For Siki's clothing, shirts were around $200, jackets/blazers between $700-$1,000, shoes for around $200+ and elastic armbands were $20.

One of the things I appreciated about this event is that quite a few of the designers were there manning their own stations and greeting people - so we ended up getting to meet people like Siki Im and Nicholas Kunz (pictured above). There were also a handful of dogs playing around in the venue which is always nice.

In the end, I ended up with three pieces, a Nicholas K shirt for $60, a Public School leather collar jersey long sleeve for $30 and an arm cuff from Siki Im for $20. While I was checking out at the one of the booths, I was busy looking for my wallet when someone mentioned - "good choice" and when I looked up, it was Nicholas K wearing the same shirt I was buying!

Overall SHOP is a different kind of shopping experience than what you normally see in the city so it might be worth checking out. Also, if you're a fan of Nicholas K (for menswear and womenswear) or Public School (menswear) you might want to stop by. Both labels had plenty of merch, sizes and reasonable price points.

Who: SHOP Sale
What: A Five day retail event offering sample sale pricing, full retail and selective discounts on 39 of NYC's fave brands. Featuring brands including Burkman Bros, A-Morir, Nicholas K, Samantha Pleet, Public School, Siki Im, Rogan, Sena, Steven Alan, Warby Parker and more
When: June 16-20, 2011. Thurs, Fri, Mon (5pm-9pm), Sat-Sun (1pm-7pm)
Where: 150 Varick Street - 6th floor (b/n Spring and Vandam St)


joelle van dyne said...

i just came across your blog and couldn't remember why the name sounded so familiar.. but now i remember i think we shared a cab back to queens from some event last summer (maybe an IFB party??). anyway, glad to find your blog again :) i wish i would've gone to this SHOP event- looks like a great variety of things all in one place!

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