Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sample Sale Report: Paul Smith

Last night I had the chance to stop by the Paul Smith sample sale down in SoHo. I got there around 6:15pm with no lineup outside. The space is fairly large with three levels of merch (lower level for womenswear/kids, main for menswear and upper men's shoes). Like most sample sales, no change rooms are available but there were also no mirrors! If you have an iPhone 4 this is where the reversible camera definitely comes in handy!

While there is womenswear and kidswear, the emphasis is definitely on menswear. The sale actually has quite a bit of merch so it takes some time filter through everything. While the sale is fairly neat, things aren't organized the best so prepared to dig around for sizing.

In terms of pricing, suits are $350, sportscoats $200, casual jackets $100, shirts $60, knits $70, jeans/sweatshirts $50, Ts/ties $20 and scarves $30.

There were a couple tables of shirts in addition to several racks housing paisley, striped and solid colored button downs. In terms of sizing, there was a fairly good mix of sizes from S through XL. About 1/2 of the shirts on the racks were French cuffed shirts which ain't really my thing but if you like sporting cuff links it might be worth checking out.

In terms of the sportscoats, there were were a few racks which included tweeds and plaids. There was a great green and blue plaid blazer that had a good range of sizing. In terms of suiting, there were a few racks (mostly black and navy) but sizing is fairly limited. While there were a few 38-42s, the bulk of the suits were size 44.

The upper level of the sale was filled with shoes. Shoes on tables, beneath tables, and all around the perimeter of the walls. Sneakers are going for $60 while dress shoes are going for $120. Sizing is fairly random and nothing is organized by size just like the clothing - so again, be prepared to dig. There was a great pair of leather dress shoes with purple laces but I didn't have time to look around for my size.

Knitwear included v-necks, cardigans and heavy/fine gauge knits with bold colors - true to form for Paul Smith. T's were a bargain for $20 although sizing is fairly limited with the majority of items being M.

If you're a fan of Paul Smith and have some time to sort through things to find your size then this sale might be worth hitting up.

Who: Paul Smith Sample Sale
What: Up to 70% off men's and women's clothing, shoes, accessories and books.
When: April 28-30, 2011. Thurs - Sun (11am-7pm).
Where: 382 W Broadway (near Spring St)

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