Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sample Sale Report: Matt Bernson

So I almost never end up in Tribeca and although I've lived in NYC for about 5 years now the area still manages to confuse me. Once I got off the train I had trouble determining directions and found myself wandering for a while and wondering if I should give up my search. Fortunately I persevered and I found my way to the sale. Make sure you stop by an ATM before you head over as this sale is CASH ONLY.IMAG0630The location had a vague warehouse look to it as boxes and boxes of shoes were lining the walls and sorted by size. If you are a size 5 there are a few pairs worth digging through the boxes to find. If you are a size 11 even smaller offerings, but if you are a size 6-10 the world is yours. Granted there may be some digging and a bit of struggle to match up separated pairs of shoes but the staffers were busy at work matching them up again with rubber bands to maintain order. And at the end of your searching you will find plenty of gems including clogs, wedges and espadrilles for just $40 a pop. These shoes are extremely comfortable!


There are about 4 chairs for sitting as you sift through your finds and a lone mirror to review your purchases but it was sufficient. The sale was buzzing while I was there in the late afternoon and shoes were moving quickly as nearly everything is just $40 including short boots. If you are looking for some bright and fun leather studded cuffs they will set you back just $10 but at the top end of the spectrum tall shearling boots for $100 each. The short darling zip front variety however only will set you back $40.


There is also an assortment of shoes at the back table displayed where staffers can check in the back for additional sizes as long as you are sizes 6-10.

There is also a table in the front with boxes of the $10 studded cuffs and quite a few Gold Bar bags that are really kind of tongue-in-cheek fun for $40 a pop.

If you are looking for some high quality shoes (many are leather sole) head on over and pick up some super cute merch at not to be missed prices.IMAG0654Here is what I snagged for myself.

Who: Matt Bernson Spring Sample Sale
When: Sandals, boots, and wedges start at $40. Cash Only.
When: April 29-May 1, 2011. Fri-Sun 11am-6pm
Where: 450 Greenwich St (nr Vestry St)

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Anonymous said...

front zip shearling booties are $40. the tall shearling boots are $100

Erin said...

ohhh thanks for the correction! I didn't realize those were only $40 too :)

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