Monday, April 25, 2011

Now Wearing…


Hope that you had a Happy Easter! Every Easter I wake up and think that I want to dress like Spring and wear bright and happy colors. Easter for me is a celebration of life. Flowers feel like a fresh start and a new beginning. So I started the day wearing my most flowery outfit, little did I know that I would soon find myself surrounded by flowers too at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens eating a hamburger off the grill and admiring the tulips and looking in anticipation at the Cherry Blossom trees that have yet to bloom. Unfortunately, although I was remembering life today, I also got distracted by it and I forgot it was not only Easter but my mother’s birthday and I didn’t really get a chance to celebrate how wonderful she is. Sorry Mom! Thankfully she forgave me and loves me anyways!

Floral Print Dress – Vintage, from Camden Market in London
Bow & Ruffle Socks - Jonathan Aston, courtesy of Tights Please
Bow Headband - DIY
Flower Shoes - Inniu, inherited from a friend's Aunt

Just thought I'd share a few shots from my day in the Gardens! Spring is in the air.



c/o cousin mgk said...

your eemo says "멋있다야!!!"

cousin mgk said...

yo! my mom felt so bad that everyone forgot your mom's birthday that she baked her a cake so she got her sweaters and a cake today!

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