Monday, April 25, 2011

Product Review: Jonathan Aston Socks

The folks over at Tights Please sent me over a couple pairs of Jonathan Aston Socks to try out last week.

IMAG0165 (1)A blue/purple pair of ankle socks and a frilly yellow pair of socks with bows. I tried wearing both pairs a couple times each and am pleased with the results.  As I’m sure you’ve noticed, wearing socks with sandals has been a growing runway trend over the last few seasons and the trend has made it’s way over from the runway to the streets.  Not only are wearing socks with sandals great for transitional months to give more mileage to your footwear but they also give you a chance to prevent blisters and irritation to your feet from general friction.


The ruffle top and bow socks were perfect to wear with my Easter outfit and added a touch of girlish adorable charm to my flower pumps.  The ankle socks came in a super fun vibrant color and added a playful element to my chain strap tough sandals.  Both pairs of socks had a lustrous quality to them that made them a little fancier than your average sock and thereby perfect for pairing with heels.

The socks were also great because they retained their shape, kept my feet feeling clean and dry all day even when worn inside rain boots and walking around the botanical gardens  - my feet never felt uncomfortable.  I also found that I never got any uncomfortable sore spots despite walking around all day.  Although I have yet to test them out with super high heels walking all day, I think they’ve been overall great and they add a fun splash to my outfits.

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