Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Funktional Fall 2011 Lookbook

Since first catching LA based designer Jennifer Park’s Funktional line in 2009, Lani and I quickly became fans of the modern luxurious feeling line with the very accessible price points.

funktional fall part1-002For Fall 2011 the collection had a 70s glam meets 90s cleaned up grunge look. The flowing long skirts, draped silk blouses alongside the color palette's of burnt oranges and turquoise are definitely 70s.   While the cozy heather knits, layered looks and strong shoulder makes me think early 90s.

funktional fall part1-003funktional fall part1-004I’m personally a fan of pretty much every look on page 3, even the power-shoulder working woman look!funktional fall part1-005I had the opportunity to see many of these pieces in person and feel the high quality fabrics and check out the construction firsthand.  Here are some detail shots of some of my favorite pieces.

Funktional Fall 2011 (1)Funktional Fall 2011 (2)Funktional Fall 2011 (4)Funktional Fall 2011 (10)Funktional Fall 2011 (6)Funktional Fall 2011 (16)

As I’m sure you’ve realized by now I’m such a  fan of silky tops and pants and the Funktional collection had a great variety of them.  From roll sleeve casual blouses to silk tees and geometric cutout/lace blouses into wrap blouses.  I personally was a huge fan of the wrap blouses in both the plaid and the silk versions.  It has such a unique shape and casual easy feel to it.

Funktional Fall 2011 (7)Funktional Fall 2011 (5)Funktional Fall 2011 (15)

In the bottoms, I was drawn to the geometric knit maxi skirt and the beetle printed pants.  They were so visually stimulating without being overwhelming.  Also, had to admire another great pair of silky pants.

Funktional Fall 2011 (11)Funktional Fall 2011 (12)Funktional Fall 2011 (19)

The dresses had so many great unique details like inset lace or back cutout panel that I would never have noticed from just looking at the lookbook.

Funktional Fall 2011 (14)Funktional Fall 2011 (17)Funktional Fall 2011 (18)Funktional Fall 2011 (9)Funktional Fall 2011 (21)Funktional Fall 2011 (22)

I really loved the cozier pieces for Fall, especially the draped jackets and fur coat. The fur was amazingly soft and had a really unique coloration.  I also was drawn to items like the little cardigan with elbow patches and the jacket on the bottom right that felt like wrapping your favorite blanket around yourself.

In NYC, Funktional is available at OAK, Pixie Market, Court, Mini Mini Market, Babel Fair and more. For a full list of stores nationwide, check out to find a store near you.

Even though Summer in NYC has only begun, my mind is already looking forward to wearing Fall pieces thanks to this collection.  Do you have a favorite look or piece?

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