Friday, April 8, 2011

Cynthia Rowley: Menswear aka Mr. Powers

While Cynthia Rowley currently has a very small collection of menswear, the designer will be revamping her menswear line and re-branding it under the name Mr. Powers (named after her hubby). The fall collection is targeted to launch in July online and in stores. The collection is set to include sweaters/cardigans ($275), jackets/sport coats ($495), shirts ($195) and T's ($60-$125). Bottoms are nixed for this collection due to the Rowley's belief that everything looks better in jeans and that guys already have their favorite pants - which I think is a smart move on her part.

Based on the above pics (courtesy of WWD), the aesthetic of the pieces look fresh yet polished - so I'm definitely looking forward to the launch!

As cited by WWD:
"Powers, who is the co-owner of New York’s Half Gallery with Andy Spade and James Frey, will return as a judge on the second season of 'Work of Art' later this year. He is not involved in the design or concept of the men’s collection, however. 'We are only using him for his name and his fame,' said Rowley with a laugh. 'He might say what he wants, but by then it’s probably too late.'”

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