Thursday, February 24, 2011

Norman Ambrose Fall 2011

I was instantly dazzled the moment we stepped into the box for Norman Ambrose; it was as if we had entered a dazzling 70s party. I love disco music, and nothing makes my heart flutter quite like sequins and feathers.
Norman Ambrose's debut presentation had a clear point of view. He designs for the sophisticated woman - a woman who probably has an amazing walk-in closet and hat boxes. I loved the way he used sequins, fur and ostrich feathers and something encrusted garments to create a collection that was both glamorous and elegant.
With the exception of one sheer top, most pieces were demure - higher necklines, knee-length hems, pant suits, etc. This collection made us think a bit of Chloe Fall 2010 with the neck tie blouses and 70s tan, but the Norman Ambrose touch is one of extravagance. I loved all the fine details, and I can only imagine how much work went into each garment with all of the patchwork and beading.
It was a strong NYFW debut from Norman Ambrose. I wish him all the best and look forward to seeing more!

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