Sunday, February 6, 2011

Blowout at Privé Salon


I mentioned previously the kind folks at Refinery 29 Reserve wanted me to experience one of their experience packages for myself in person. Honestly I’ve never really had a full blowout treatment so I wasn’t really sure what to expect but I booked my appointment as soon as I received the voucher for the same day. Within a couple hours I found myself back at the Soho Grand Hotel, the location of so many fashion show’s past, and in a brightly lit serene environment. My appointment was at 3:30pm, I got there at 3:25pm. After a quick check-in at the desk, I showed them the voucher I got from Reserve, they took my coat, gave me a cotton robe and led me to a seating area. The staff seemed to bend over backwards to make sure I was comfortable. Even so far as helping me find the ties to the robe, while I was putting it on. Not even a minute had passed and hairstylist Melisand, came to collect me and introduced herself. All the staffers at the salon seems to be very French. After an initial examination of my hair and a brief consultation, I was led to an aqua and turquoise tiled room and soon my head was being gently scrubbed and shampooed, conditioned and combed. After having my head wrapped in a towel, I am asked if I want a beverage as I am led back to Melisand.

Prive blowoutPrive blowout2

Do I want something curly, wavy or straight? Since I wear my hair straight all the time, I decided to do something I don’t normally do and go curly.prive blowout5prive blowout4

Melisand patiently blow dried my hair and then started wrapping sections patiently around a round brush. I didn’t know that you could create curls using only a round brush.

As I sat in the chair I felt like it was an almost therapeutic experience. Another staffer brought over refreshments, both peppermint tea and ice water, and Melisand stops blow drying my hair to ask if I’d like to drink my tea. I am starting to feel pampered and understand why women have blowouts. I also begin to imagine what it feels like to be Gwyneth Paltrow, as I know she is a client of the salon.

After much time, all the sections have been carefully made. Then each ringlet was carefully touched up with just the slightest touch of a curling iron. Each strand of hair is placed with care, gently tousled, touched with product and molded until it creates exactly the right effect.

Prive blowout6Prive blowout7

Sexy, tousled and still very soft. Hair perfection. Melisand shows me my hair at every angle to make sure that I am happy. Soon afterwards, two other staffers come by and tell me how fabulous I look. A girl could get used to compliments! Although I am a bit of a jaded New Yorker sometimes and I wonder if they really mean it.

Prive blowout8

Finishing off my experience, I am given 2 full size bottles of salon quality shampoo and conditioner and a 15% off card for my next visit. While having a blowout isn’t something I would do on a regular basis, for those special occasions or days when you just need to feel pretty it just might be worth it. I have to admit it that having great hair put an extra bounce in my step and made me feel pretty darn beautiful.

While I’m no expert at blowouts, I did wrap my head in a silk scarf to sleep and it preserved my look for a couple days after the blowout.

*Full disclaimer: The folks at Reserve sent me a voucher to test drive the experience.

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your hair looks hot!

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