Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Now Wearing...

I celebrated back home in California with my family and friends from high school. My friends and I do an annual Secret Santa gift exchange, so in the spirit of gifts, I decided to dress myself with a giant red bow. I really love the way red looks with white, so I pulled out my favorite sweater.

Red bow headband - Forever 21
White shaggy sweater - vintage
Skinny jeans - Uniqlo
Brown oxfords - Bass

New Year's
Making New Year's Eve plans in the city can be kind of tough because there are high expectations and so many options! In the end (and kind of at the last minute), I joined my friends in throwing a house party in Lower East Side.

I originally planned to wear crazy 80s dress, but I somehow managed to sprain my knee and decided heels required for the dress were a no-go. So I started my outfit with flat boots, then decided on shorts and worked my way up to a sequins top to be festive for the holiday.

Black lace-up boots - Justin boots
Black shorts - Alexander McQueen McQ for Target
Sequins top - borrowed from a friend
Yeah, I'm a huge dork. Just me, dancing alone before the party started. But you know why I'm awesome? Because I welcomed the new year with bling and Hello Kitty press-on nails.

New Year's photos courtesy of Foss&Felix Photography
Bonjour necklace - Alex & Chloe
Porcupine ring - nOir
Leather cuff - Botkier Bailey

New Year's Eve was pretty great. I DJed with Morsy and Lily Vanilli, and I got to celebrate with some of my favorite people from NY, DC and LA. 2011, let's do this!


Artfully Awear said...

I love the fluffy sweater the most! Happy New Year!

ps--I'm following your blog!

Six Six Sick said...

Love that vintage shaggy sweater, and your manicure is adorable!
Happy New Year!


Kacrates said...

love the nails and it looked fun what you had!

And your a fellow New Yorker. PLUS.

You got an new follower. :)

Lani Love said...

thanks, ladies! :) happy new year!

Adele said...

Hello Kitty nails, ringing in 2011... such a fun party!!

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